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John Dogan and The AI Effect, the Face Behind Dogan Technologies

John Dogan is the founder of a prestigious technology business called Dogan Technologies. Dogan Technologies offers a wide variety of software solutions that apply artificial intelligence to optimize consumer value and efficiency. Many corporations, small and big, are struggling with the management of data and with profitability. John’s data company makes sure organizations can analyze their data intake and turn it into identifiable trends.

John Dogan and The AI Effect

With a dream in mind, Dogan and his team created Dogan Technologies to bring Artificial Intelligence to the masses. John had a variety of ideas during the development of their data platform, but a common concept was user simplification. Many businesses today focus on data collection, but do not concentrate on the user’s input. Each organization has a subjective task to be fulfilled. When you work with Dogan Technologies every business issue is heard by their consultants and they assist you in following the move. Artificial intelligence is helpful, but their team has the solutions to develop and deploy applications on the cloud.

Artificial Intelligence technology is still considered a “black box” by some people, but John Dogan has made AI much more transparent. Dogan Technologies makes this possible for businesses across multiple industries and sectors (finance, travel, healthcare, education, media, entertainment, logistics, transportation, real estate, etc.) through its software and artificial intelligence-based solutions. It houses a strong team of professors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and developers, which provides a wide range of services involving – data mining, machine learning, data analytics, deep learning, cloud applications, natural language processing, computer vision, predictive analysis, etc.

You talk about technology and AI, but I want to learn more specifically how did you start this business? What was your motivation behind starting a company at 20?

I started this business because I was very passionate about computers at a young age and I knew I would be working in the tech industry my whole life. As a 15-year-old, I was a busy kid you could say. I would be on my computer all day just so I can finish coding a program and try to skip dinner while my mom yelled at me for trying to skip dinner. Now that I think about it, programming can be very frustrating, but I am glad I stuck with it. During college I was doing research on different types of sensors and using Artificial Intelligence technology in smartphones. I think my research motivated me a lot in starting a business and I am glad my professors supported me during the transition.

What are you building right now for your current clients?

We are working on some very amazing software this year and it’s being made specifically for law enforcement. Our team is creating crime mapping technology and security camera software for different agencies. These projects are a lot different than what we have been doing in the past for previous clients. I want to reduce crime in the United States and make sure we can keep everybody safe during these hard times.

You talk a lot about passion when you talk to people, what are you currently passionate about?

I started doing a lot of Mixed Martial Arts training a couple of years back and I am currently very passionate about MMA. When I am not working on new technology, I spend most of my time working out at home or I am at the gym.  I really think being in good health has drastically improved the way I do business. 

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