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Julian Broadus, born on June 18, 1998, was an iconic American YouTuber, a famous American superstar son, and an online persona. Broadus is a member of the Broadus family and can be called the baby of Snoop Dogg.

The rapper was thrust into the limelight due to the success of his father, who was the most famous American hip-hop artist.

Julian Corrie Broadus Age

On June 18, 1998, Julian Broadus was born in the US. He’s 23 and weighs 6’4 inches as of this writing. Snoop Dogg is his father, and Laurie Helmond, the mother of Broadus, was also the mom of Broadus. Broadus was raised solely by his mother. The paternity test was passed. Broadus is the half-brother of three brothers, Cordell Broadus, Corde Broadus, and Cori Broadus, in that Broadus is also a stepfather for one step-sister. Regarding his education, Broadus was a student at Diamond High School and is going to a college in California.

Julian Broadus Height, Weight & Measurement

But, many people have also commented on the appearance of their fathers; others noticed that Julian is more attractive than his dad. Some people noted that Julian is similar in height to the famous artist. Julian is six feet and four inches tall.

Julian Corrie Broadus weighs about 80kg in all.

Julian Corrie Broadus Wiki/Biography

Julian Broadus was born in California, United States of America, and was raised by her parents, siblings, and other sisters. The family he was born into includes Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., known by the performance nickname Snoop Dogg in the business world, and Laurie Helmond, his mother. Julian Corrie Broadus’ identification is now a topic of discussion after it was revealed it was his father, a famous singer Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., Also known by the name Snoop Dogg. Julian Broadus had the privilege of growing up alongside his three siblings: Cordell Broadus, Cori Broadus, and Corde Broadus. They’re all famous. Julian Broadus attended Diamond’s excessive Professors and was a student at his own University of California.

Julian Corrie Broadus’ net worth will be around one million in 2023.

There is a debate about whether the story is settled by a paternity examination when it was found out that Snoop Dogg is the child’s father. As per our investigation, Snoop Dogg has admitted that he is a father to Julian as his son and has to fulfill his obligations as a father. Corrie, as well as her son, who is studying as a California college student, are both a part of his father’s passion for music. Corrie is an avid internet user, and the number of people adhering to his beliefs has multiplied as more revelations about the father’s past are becoming more widely known.

Date of Birth: 1998, June-18

Age: Aged 23

Birth Nation: United States of America

Height: 6 Feet 4 Inch

Name Julian Broadus

Birth Name Julian Corrie Broadus

Nick Name Julian

Father Snopp Dogg

Mother Laurie Helmond

Nationality American

Birth Place/City United States

Net Value $1 Million

Online Presence Instagram

Julian Corrie Broadus Wiki/Biography

Julian Corrie Broadus’s Ethnicity

Julian is regarded as an American by his citizenship. Julian is an African-American of race. He is the son of musician Snoop Dogg(father) and his relationship in love with Laurie Holmond(mother); Julian has three brothers and sisters that result from the numerous marriages his father had. The two brothers of Julian are Corde Broadus as well as Cordell Broadus. Additionally, he has a step-sister, Cori Broadus. Corrie Broadus did not marry as she was foster cared for by her mom, Laurie Holmond. The Broadus family was in the shadows. However, they didn’t know the father of his kids. In 2008, Broadus became the spotlight’s focus after discovering the truth about his identity. Broadus is the son of the famous musician Snoop Dogg. In the past, there was a small amount of detail regarding Julian’s early years. An elementary school in which he was an infant wasn’t found. The school is believed to be in the process of being investigated at the university located in California, la.

Julian Corrie Broadus Career

Julian Corrie Broadus choose to put his energy into the entertainment industry. His son’s father follows in his footsteps by doing the same thing toward success as his father. However, he is more connected to his unique style of music. If Julian Corrie Broadus is into RnB and the piece of their father and his dad, Snoop Dogg, is a skilled rapper. Julian is a part of the music world and gained much attention as a musician. There has been a lot of attention on his Instagram account due to the quality of his work in harmony. Most of his fans think he can successfully market himself in the music industry due to his commitment and talents.

Julian Corrie Broadus | Julian Corrie Broadus wiki |Julian Corrie Broadus career | Julian Corrie Broadus net worth | Julian Corrie Broadus Girlfriend

Julian Broadus is a web actor that has gained attention due to the influence of his surname, which is the same as his father’s, Snoop Dogg. Julian Corrie Broadus enjoys track in the same manner as his father and has decided to go after a track career even though there’s yet to be a way to begin his channels. Julian Corrie Broadus is slightly smaller than his father, who is 6’4 inches tall. The height is 5’9 inches. Julian Corrie Broadus probably weighs 70 kilos. Ulian Broadus is a renowned social media influencer and an attractive young woman who’s captured women with his gorgeous photos. Broadus is well-known for sharing beautiful pictures of females on his Instagram account. It’s difficult to determine the person who posted his photos.

Julian Corrie Broadus Family

In the previous paragraph, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr is Julian Corrie’s father. Most well-known by the stage name Snoop Dogg. His mother’s name was Lurie Holmond. It is said that Snoop Dogg dated Laurie during her senior year in high school. She was then engaged to his wife, Shante. The couple dated for some time before culminating in Laurie becoming pregnant. Laurie then disclosed to rappers her pregnancy. But the rapper wasn’t sure what to tell his partner, so they kept the pregnancy secret. Laurie, in an interview, stated that her personality had changed after she got pregnant with Julian, who, in turn, took on the entire responsibility. According to the interview with her child conducted by Laurie, she took Snoop to court, and she took him through the paternity test to be sure she had made Snoop feel comfortable with the baby. At the same time, Julian was only aware of his father’s identity once his mother was set up and permitted the whole thing to end.

Julian Corrie Broadus’s Girlfriend

Concerning his love connection, Julian Corrie Broadus appears to be romantically inclined to many individuals. Beautiful women are featured on his social networks. It’s the reason figuring out who he’s with is a challenge. It needs to be clarified whether he’s engaged to anyone. Based on his appearance and looks, there is a general belief to be going on in this specific branch.

Julian Corrie Broadus’s Net worth

Film actor Baby Julian Corrie Broadus comes from a wealthy and impressive family. Julian is a lavish person due to his parents and father’s cash. Julian’s net worth will not be public until 2021. It is believed to be in the range of $1 million. According to Julian, Snoop Dogg’s father’s worth is $143 million. However, Snoop Dogg’s father is considered worth the amount in the region of $ 143 million.

The funds come from his winning professional career as a singer, actor, and online sports. Influencer Marketing’s website shows that the sum earned per posting for his Instagram account ranges between $129,480-$215,800 and an engagement rate.05 percent. This is more than 65.1 million users. Snoop Dogg spent millions of dollars in 1994 on a house with eight bedrooms located in California. The property, estimated at six hundred square feet, was indexed at $1.995 million.

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