Kelvin Gunung Capital Discussion on Various Global Issues and COP26

Kelvin Fu is a competent and knowledgeable manager based in Singapore. In all his doings, he often plays a responsibility of deal sourcing, analysis, fracturing, and portfolio management of firms. He carries our impact-linked projects, specifically those dealing with decarbonization and carbon credit industries. Kelvin is a strong manager who has served in different capacities and has a known track record.

Academically, Kelvin has outstanding educational qualifications. He is a graduate of the National University of Singapore, graduating with a Bachelor of Social Science in Political Science. Later on, he moved to Macquarie University, where he pursued a Master of Applied Finance. Lastly, he joined the John Hopkins Carey Business School, completing his M.B.A.

Kelvin has exceptional writing skills, which have greatly helped the individuals in Singapore. After extensive research, he published a case study from Stanford University titled “Strengthening Electricity Distribution in Uganda: The Role of Private Equity.” which has greatly written a lot of information encompassing various topics. You will find articles that talk about venture capital, private equity, real estate, carbon credits, family office, and others on the page.

On November 15, 2021, Kelvin released an article about the Conference of The Parties (COP26). COP is a coalition held by the United Nations (UN) annually to discuss the global challenge of climate change and discusses all the information that one needs to know about COP26. The first goal of the COP26, as outlined, is to secure global net-zero carbon emission by the middle of the century. Also, the target is to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius. All the individuals and nations that assembled at the COP26 brought about ideas to reach this goal.

The second goal of the COP26 was to see how communities affected by climate change can restore ecosystems. This was to provide ways these communities could build defense and warning systems to save lives and avoid the loss of homes. As writings outlined, the measure comes from the notion that climate will continue to change even though carbon emissions are reduced and kept under the required levels.

Thirdly, COP26 brought about issues of financial sustainability. The members saw how they could work together to raise a fund, close to $100 billion, which could be used to deal with climate change. It is difficult to combat climate change with little or no funds. I have discussed how funds are very important in decarbonizing our environment. All the outline goals of the COP26 were dependent on this third goal. Measures were put in place to ensure that sufficient funds had been collected.

Another key component that emerged from the COP26 was the idea of “Supporting Youth Climate 2021.” This was a youth-led alliance that happened before COP26. The convention was held in Milan, where more than 400 young people aged between 15 to 29 assembled to discuss

issues about climate change. reveals how these worked harmoniously to make their voices heard for the next generation’s climate changes. They drafted recommendations that covered the four global thematic areas of climate action.

Apart from the information discussed above, there are other things that Kevin Fu has been able to document as articles from 2016 to 2021. There are interesting facts about the Milken Institute Global Conference of 2016 and the John Hopkins student-run venture fund. Thanks to all the effort put together by Kelvin Fu to perform this amazing work. Reading more of his work becomes resourceful, especially to those who want to become managers. There are many skills that will be learned from his writing.

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