Key Things to Know About Shiraz Wines

Also known as Syrah, Shiraz is dark-skinned grapes. These grapes are massively utilized for producing red wines. It’s a distinct grape variant of Australia, and people plan it extensively in its popular wine regions. Australian Shiraz wine is usually a full-bodied wine. It has moderate acidity and mouth-drying tannins. In a quality Shiraz, you can sense the high quality of grapes and the place where they were grown. It’s best to go with a Barossa Shiraz wine that’s a product of environmental practices and advanced technology. Modern technology leads to the production of quality harvests and excellent wine. You can find a selection of this wine style online. Given below are some key things to know about it.

How Does Shiraz from Barossa Tastes?

Barossa is the name of a prominent wine-producing place in South Australia. It’s globally recognised for it’s Shiraz. More than half (56%) of the total area under the vineyard goes to the grape. The classic Shiraz from Barossa has a high alcohol content and sufficient acidity to strike through the fruit. But in recent times, some lower alcohol variants of this wine have emerged. 

Shiraz gets blended in the same manner that Road valley wines are blended. Shiraz contains flavours of black olive, blackberry, baked fruit, black cherry, and blueberry. Along with the fruit are spicy notes of tobacco, spices like clove, and vanilla. There are also classic blends of this wine, called Mataro, that make the unique GSM blends and have gamey notes of cassis and chocolate. 

How Do You Pair the Shiraz Wine?

The Shiraz wine of Barossa has a vibrant texture. Its generous flavours match well with cuisines exhibiting intense flavours. The abundant soft tannins and acidity allow the wine to pair well with dark meats, especially beef. Meats of Ostrich and Kangaroo also pair well with this wine style. The wine has meaty and gamey notes. They become rich with age, and items like lamb and venison pair well with them. There are also hints of pepper in this style. They go well with spicy food items or dishes with pepper sauce. Some of the good food matches can include the following:

  • Beef wellington 
  • Lentils with smoked ham hock
  • Malay lamb korma

Suppose you are experimenting with Barossa wine for the first time. In that case, it’s best to browse through the Barossa Shiraz wines of winemaking store with awards like Impressionist Merlot Awards, Chardonnay Awards, and Cabernet Sauvignon Awards. You can add the desired bottles and quantity to your cart, fill in your delivery address, and check out. The easy ordering process ensures that you get the most authentic wine quickly without any delay.

Famous Shiraz Regions in Australia, apart from Barossa

There’s hardly any wine region in Australia where Shiraz isn’t grown. Every such region has it’s own distinct expression. Below are some of the highly popular ones. 

  • Eden valley – This valley comes under the greater Barossa Zone. However, due to its greater altitude, picking here may take place up to 14 days later than in the Barossa region.
  • Clare valley – This valley has cool nights and warm days. Shiraz from here features a hint of liquorice, which makes them quite popular among people. 
  • Heathcote – The wines from here resemble those from Barossa but have more intensity. They have a dense colour and a rich flavour.
  • Hunter valley – It’s one of the oldest wine regions in Australia. Shiraz from here is more savoury and medium-bodied. 
  • McLaren Vale – Shiraz from this region is full-bodied and has a hint of chocolate. The wine produced from this region has an effortless opulence to it. 

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