KidSmart Launches New Vocabulary Games That Will Help Your Child Ace the 11 Plus Exam

Out of the old and in with the new. As we enter this new era, we are now slowly shifting from pen and paper to fun activities and games. Luckily, KidSmart constantly works on integrating games and technology as a tool to support learning. 

Part of the 11 Plus Exam is testing your child’s SPaG or spelling, punctuation, and grammar in the vocabulary part of the exam. KidSmart has always been committed to create developmentally appropriate resources to help parents and children prepare for 11 Plus. 

KidSmart recently launched new vocabulary games that will help your child improve in SPaG. Read up if you want to learn more:

Alien Eggs

Alien Eggs is a game that will help your child practice identifying synonyms and antonyms. It’s pretty straight forward. All your child needs to do is to apply the appropriate word pair for its synonym or antonym. 

Cowboy Word Game

This is an intense way to help your child practice correct spelling and enrich his/her vocabulary. The goal of the game is to prevent the cowboy from falling into an open fire. The meaning of the word will be shown on the screen and your child must spell the words accurately to save the cowboy. It’s intense and extremely fun. It’s surely more fun than just making use of spelling quizlets or memorizing the dictionary words! 

Word Hive

If you want your child to be familiar with the parts of speech, Word Hive is the perfect game. This easy yet fun game involves four topics: adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and spelling. Its cool beehive design makes the game more engaging for your learners, If you want something fun and worthwhile, make sure to check out Word Hive.


Rectifish is another game to help your child spell correctly. There will be a sentence flashed on the screen with some words misspelled. The goal of the game is to let your child identify these misspelled words and type in the words correctly.  

Ancient Tablets

Ancient Tablets is a fun game to help your child improve his/her vocabulary. Your child will have to match the word in the ancient tablets with its correct meaning. It gets harder every level! This game is a perfect way for your child to learn new words and broaden vocabulary.


Igloo focuses on helping your child identify nouns and adjectives. There will be paragraph flashed on the screen and your child will have to select the nouns and adjectives. It’s a great and interactive game to reinforce your child’s knowledge about the different parts of speech.


Punctoosh is a fun game for Year 2 to Year 6 students to get better at using the right punctuations. The goal of the game is to let the child identify the accurate punctuation in the paragraph flashed on the screen. This allows the child to test whether he/she knows when and how to use the different punctuation marks.

No matter how many practice tests or new words your child has memorized, the way to ace SPaG is through deep understanding. By understanding how to apply new words, make use of correct grammar, and punctuation, will your child be able to get a good score. Enjoy the best games to expand your vocabulary!

——Gamification is at the forefront of our quest for innovative pedagogical methods” says Baljeet Dogra, CEO of KidSmart

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