Lighting the Way — 5 Reasons to Love SpeedTech Lights

SpeedTech Lights is an American company specializing in vehicle lighting solutions, more precisely, emergency and warning lights. It offers a wide assortment of light bars of various sizes, types, and flash patterns that will accommodate the needs of virtually every vehicle type, no matter the industry or department you’re in. The company has gone a long way since it was founded in 2004, and now, it’s at the top of the market food chain, providing countless satisfied customers with premium products and fantastic customer support. Sounds interesting? Here are 5 reasons to love SpeedTech Lights!

High-Quality Products

A reputable manufacturer offers high-quality products first and foremost, and SpeedTech Lights is all about quality. No matter what kind of emergency vehicle lighting you’re looking for, SpeedTech Lights shelves are full of only tough, durable lighting solutions that are built to last.

SpeedTech Lights uses only premium materials resistant to corrosion, foreign object impacts, debris, etc. They will withstand all weather conditions, be it high temperatures, heavy rain, or snowstorms. All products you’re going to find will be tested and certified to meet the highest standards of both performance and safety, no matter what your line of work may require.

Lots of Options

Speaking of different lines of work, we can follow our quality story with a few words on light bar variety. SpeedTech Lights offers a plethora of different lighting solutions in terms of size, optical types, color and flashing patterns, and mountability. 

SpeedTech Lights products feature full-size and mini LED warning lights, as well as large, linear bars for fire engines, SUVs, and buses. They also come in different shapes, accommodating the size and design of your vehicle, and their various features, such as varying color options and flashing patterns, will allow for fantastic on-the-road communication and signaling. Not to mention all the mountain options (e.g., magnetic, welded, and suction mounts) and synchronization features that will let you experiment by having your lights work in tandem with sirens and horns.

Fantastic Customer Support

Great products are nothing if you don’t know how to use them. Fortunately, with SpeedTech Lights, you won’t have to worry about that! SpeedTech Lights support team consists of professional, patient individuals with a lot of experience in the industry. They are:

  • Always available and responsive: Like all great support teams, the SpeedTech Lights support crew is available at all times, and they are more than responsive. You can contact them via the chat option on the SpeedTech Lights webpage, via e-mail, or via phone, and they will promptly respond to all your questions and inquiries, solving all problems as soon as they arise.
  • Professional: The SpeedTech Lights team is also professional and respectful. They will listen to your questions carefully and provide clear, explicit instructions to help you solve the problem as soon as possible. In addition, they will be understanding and do their best to put themselves in your shoes to offer the most insightful information possible.
  • Knowledgeable: The SpeedTech Lights team knows all about emergency lights for cars. They will answer your questions by teaching you everything you need to know about the product, its features, and its strengths, allowing you to solve future issues on your own.

Competitive Prices

What most people look for when buying vehicle lights are good prices. When shopping at SpeedTech Lights, you won’t have to worry about that. SpeedTech Lights prices are some of the fairest on the market. They’re set based on tons of market research, and they’re meant to represent the worth of the product as accurately as possible while staying affordable for the average customer, especially first-time buyers.

SpeedTech Lights prices also take into account the brand reputation, the cost of production, as well as the geographical location of the manufacturer and the target customer. Naturally, the prices are tailored for the American market, so they will reflect the value perception of each product based on the evolving country-wide industry trends.

Good Warranty and Sales Policies

Prices bring us to our final point: warranty and sales policies. Warranties and sales policies are crucial for attracting new customers and maintaining your old customer base, and they help maintain the company’s reputation. 

SpeedTech Lights has fantastic warranties on all products, and all details are clearly stated, allowing no room for manipulation and extortion. You can find all information on warranty length periods, refund policies, and privacy policies on the SpeedTech Light website, but in short, they are perspicuous, fair, and reasonable, allowing for various payment options and shipping and handling methods, as well as terrific customer service.

Not to mention that there are frequent sales at SpeedTech Lights, so you’ll have plenty of reasons to return regularly and snag a lot of new equipment at a discount.

What Can You Buy at SpeedTech Lights?

As stated in the intro, SpeedTech Lights specializes in a wide variety of emergency lighting solutions and emergency vehicle equipment. You can find everything on the SpeedTech Lights shelves, from police lights to extension cables and flashlights. If you’re looking for lights specifically, you can look forward to:

  • Mini and full-size LED and strobe light bars: SpeedTech Lights sells tons of energy-efficient, bright LED and strobe products of various sizes. No matter whether you need massive, linear bars for your truck or bus or a forty-inch model for your cruiser, you’ll find something that will suit your needs and increase your safety on the road.
  • Compact and hideaway lights: Are you working undercover? Are you on a stealth mission? Get your hands on some compact grille lights or mount a hideaway bar inside your cabin for emergency use.
  • Warning and work lights: SpeedTech Lights has got everyone covered, even those operating utility and farming vehicles. With various rotating beacon lights, you’ll be conducting all sorts of construction, repair, and farming work in a well-lit environment and knowing you’re safe and visible from miles away.
  • Off-road lights: Going on an adventure? With SpeedTech off-road lights, you’ll be the king of the jungle whenever you take your ATVs and SUVs out for a spin!

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