Link-building is not the tough part of SEO, it’s the toughest – say experts.

There is a joke about SEO that evokes laughter amid those familiar to SEO, and it goes as this – An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, tavern, pub, inn, Irish pub, public house, alcohol, drinks, beer – If you understand this you might be known to those eerie technicalities SEO deals into. But be known that this is what SEO experts find easiest of all. As per the surveys of the SEO tribunal, around 65% of digital marketers consider link building to be the toughest pill of all. When it comes to the best link building services, USA, UK, Japan, India, and other countries accept that link-building is tough. But what truth does it hold within?

Link building does not mean dropping links at other websites.

When it comes to link building, the majority of the crowd thinks of it as dropping the links of their pages at other websites. When they do it, Google or other search engines take it as spam and it merely hurts the image of their website. When search engines were new, the majority had found the shortcut to soar their webpage rankings, but soon it perished before the giant algorithmic updates in succeeding years. Around the present date, nearly half-million websites get hosted over the internet, and these half-million websites create five to ten million pages in a seeking of being the canopy in the wild. These herculean amounts of web pages produce high-quality content in search of high-quality referrals. It gets really wild and tiresome to survive this strife. This is where the SEO companies come to the rescue. About the workings of best link building services, USA and other tech-driven companies think that linking websites to perfection is not the task of amateurs, and it could lead to receiving warnings against the website. People do not understand the value of link types. Around the year 2017, Google had surprised the internet with its FRED update that targeted those using black hat tactics to trick Google into thinking that the website is legitimate and could be trusted for showing higher in the search results. There was no premonition suggested about its release, for the sheer reason to not give time to those black hats to adjust and save themselves from the penalties. People were using link-farming, aggressive advertisement, and other foul tactics. It had sent people into a state of panic due to the sudden drop in search rankings.

There are really three sorts of links when:

  • One-way links: These links are given the highest trust weightage when it comes to link building. One way links happen when a trusted third-party website places a link of the webpage in question onto their website, thereby directing users to that webpage. If those third-party websites are trusted, google adds this to your trust score and does not consider you spam. But getting these links is hard and costly.
  • Reciprocal Links: People try to outsmart search engines and try to exchange links among various websites. This is called link swapping. It happens when a website provides an external link onto their webpage in exchange for the same favor from them. These links have little value, and this falls much short of those one-way links. It is like telling one of your friend to recommend your company in return of you lauding same about his company. This goes against the ethical guideline provided by Google and thus was given low value ratings.
  • Three-way link building: This offers better linking than reciprocal links. A three-way linking happens when you provide a link of any website on your own, and in exchange, they provide a link back from another sister website they own – You own a website A, you provide a link of website B (the website you partner with) into it, and in exchange website B provides a link to your website from another website (website C) they own. This is not considered link swapping and offers a better result.

These above are very fundamental to link building, but the true picture surpasses all that imaginable.

How link building agencies handle it professionally?

The real task is to get high-quality link-backs. Few high-quality links would always surpass thousands of low-quality links. It is very fundamental to being human that we always prefer one who has an approach to, or referral from, some higher authority, and the internet comes to be no different. If your website deals in news and you get a link directed to you from The New Yorker, not only will this bring high-quality traffic, but it will also tell google that the website could be trusted. Apart from this, variety comes to be the key. The best link-building services (USA) try to network you with your niche including websites with different TLDs (Top-Level Domains). Top-level Domain is the later part of a domain, such as .edu, .org, .in, .com, .arpa, .net, and many along. SEO agencies handle these things along with other DR and DA ratings, and other metrics that measure the quality of links. So once you dig deeper into it, complexities arise, but if handled well, it pays back times multiplied. This indeed does not dictate that people can never build links independently of any link-building agency. There are giant data available over the internet that could help someone create links on their own, but then again, they would need to go through the tiniest of details around how linking and SEO work, and other technicalities, otherwise, it may cost the company time and penalties. Google has reported to bring some 500-600 algorithmic updates every year, this includes small changes and big changes (that become major updates). These major and minor updates are hard to capture by an individual, and this is where SEO companies arrive in the picture.Perfect Link Building offers packages of all sorts to go parallel with the varieties of demands that a user could have. It takes care of DR and DA domain ratings, and provides high quality links to help a website soar and thrive onto search engine rankings. Take a look at and decide what plan works out for you. There are around 45 metrics given by 7 industry experts of which Perfect Link Building takes care while creating links.

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