Looking for Geometry Dash APK?

Looking for Geometry Dash APK? So youare in the Right placein this post I’ll Give you a Briefly Information about the Famous Must Played Arcade Game.

I will also give you the link to download the game and also I’ll show you the complete installation process. So, you’re getting tons of information about Geometry dash apk, read this post till the end if you don’t want to miss anything.

So, you all will be thinking that Geometry dash is somewhat related to Geometry and mathematics, but it is an entirely different thing. If you have totally no idea about what Geometry Dash is, then don’t worry, you are in the right place.

Geometry Dash is the all-new fad in town; people are going gaga over this simple yet challenging game. If you haven’t tried this game or even worse, haven’t heard about it, I have one question for you. Have you been living under a rock? No offense, I am just kidding.

Geometry Dash is a sequence of five video games developed by RobTop Games, Owned by Robert Topala who is a Sweden-based developer. The game is a simple rhythm-based game designed for you to guide the vehicle through a series of taps and jumps. The first game has about 21 levels and a system of moderators that have been used to create more than 50 million levels in the game. The levels have a unique soundtrack for each of them.

There are many features present in the Geometry Dash APK game like vaults, game modes, icons, and map packs. These features are only available once you pay for the full version of the app. Sad for your wallet, isn’t it? Not unless you happen to have access to modified apps present all over the internet that offers you with the complete full version at no charges. All the features are available for you to use along with a few perks that include a massive amount of coins, access to the vault and much more.

The game in itself is quite addicting with its stunning visual graphics and quirky but apt soundtracks. It is easy to control but hard to master. Once you learn the art of the game, it makes for some exciting hours spent playing it.

Geometry Dash APKrequires a smart phone apart from the versions available for the Computer. This is necessary to control the vehicle that reacts to the tap gesture of the player. Another gesture like holding down the tap is used for interaction of the vehicle with others. The speed of the vehicle cannot be controlled in the original app. The soundtrack gives a key to the movement of the vehicle.

The ultimate aim of Geometry Dash APK 2020 is to reach the end of the track at the level without crashing along the way. If a crash does occur, the player has to start over from scratch. The game provides the player ‘n’ number of attempts. As you move through the levels, they can unlock the different vehicles which behave differently with all the elements of the game. The colors play an essential role too.

As already mentioned, the Geometry Dash has 21 levels, all of which are unlocked in the modified app. There is a pot of leprechaun gold waiting for you at the end of your track which you will receive upon completion.

Levels are classified based on difficulty, and progressing levels are believed to be more challenging than the previous one. It depends on how much of a fast learner you are. It’s not a rule that you have to play the levels according to their arrangement they can be played in either way you prefer. Each level has a practice mode and a normal mode.

The practice mode allows you to practice freely till you get the hang of the level. The practice mode is different from the normal mode as it contains checkpoints.

So, when you do crash, which happens quite frequently in the beginning, you can begin the level from the checkpoint instead of the very beginning of the track. The modified APK, which allows access to every single feature that is only available with the paid version, grants the user the ability to make their own levels. This is only possible once the user has completed all the levels in normal mode. These users are known as moderators and influence the decision on the difficulty of a certain level.

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