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Low budget marketing ideas for startups

For a startup, marketing ideas is quite essential, even more so than other businesses. It is because when you launch a new business, the biggest challenge is to procure customers. To let them know there is a new product in the market that can help solve their problems.

Unfortunately, marketing is expensive. To launch a successful campaign, you need to invest in millions of dollars. But a startup doesn’t have that kind of capital to invest. They have to keep in mind their limited capital when creating a marketing strategy. Therefore, looking for innovative ideas which require little or zero investment is vital for them.

Here are some marketing ideas for the same

Create a brand reputation

Building a reputation for the product/goods that you are offering is of utmost importance. As you are a startup, people will take some time and persuasion to buy your product and see it as a quality good. How to do that? Well, three ways can help:

Getting featured in magazines/publications:

Everyone is online and uses social media these days. So, take advantage of this fact and try to build a relationship with great publications of your niche. For this, share their content on your social media account, engage with it, and DM them for promotion. Be persuasive, but don’t come across as desperate.

Collaboration with brands:

You can collaborate with brands for mutual gain. There are instances when you see one brand selling another brand’s smallest item- a trail kit for sale. It is something that you can do as well.

Collaborating with influencers:

Influencers on social media have tons of followers and popularity. If you send them your product or pay them to review your product, you have a higher chance of reaching tons of people.

Charity or sponsoring a local event

First, don’t do charity or sponsor local events in your community, if you don’t have a novel intention behind it. If your only motivation is earning money or promoting your business through this, it might not be an ideal option for you.

In a community, there are tons of events that happen daily. If you can sponsor some of them, it will work wonders for your brand. They will put banners of you which can help with the brand’s identity.

Also, donate money or items to charity, they will also put banners which if any publication publishes can help with building your brand.

Send email to right people

People who think email marketing is dead, are wrong. If you use this strategy in the right manner, you can get more subscribers to your brand. To send an email to the right people, first, you need a list of clients and their email addresses. You can use your startup’s website and create a newsletter sign-up form on it. Or you can ask the clients to share their addresses to you via social media.

Now, that you have an email list, it’s time to work on your emails. Don’t let it be only advertorial emails. You can have an email newsletter or an email informing people about your new blog/video as well. Design your email newsletter with Canva. It has templates that can help with consistency, and email newsletter can help your business flourish well.

Diversifying your mails shows that it is not just about promoting your brand.

Website and social media

Even if you are a brick and mortar business, having a website is imperative for your brand’s success. It informs your customer about your business which can get you more customers.

On the same line, having a business account on social media can help you get the best results. Use Canva to create appealing visual content for your brand. It is the best and cost-effective method of promoting your business.

Use stickers

Stickers increase your brand’s visibility. And as we know, visibility is crucial for the success of any brand. It was the go-to medium before social media and likes came into existence. A sticker with the logo and tagline of your brand helps spread information about your business.

One last piece of advice, whatever tips or method you choose for marketing your business, make sure it has consistency. If you don’t have consistency, you will end up losing all the results you got from marketing your brand.

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