Luggage Storage! How to use it

It is essential to feel as comfortable as possible while traveling around the world and enjoying sightseeing.  Whether you go to the sunny beaches of Egypt, Turkey, Malta, or the snowy Alps, to a luxurious resort, or the inhumane and mysterious picturesque places of the Amazon, carrying heavy bags and suitcases can spoil any rest! It is very unpleasant to feel backache due to constant physical exertion or while being constantly distracted by worry about things. Because you can accidentally make your luggage in one of the cafés where you have gone to rest. It is sad but you can become a victim of thieves, distracted by excursions.

To avoid this, we recommend that you use the luggage storage. With our comfortable service, you get rid of such annoying problems as

  • forgotten luggage
  • stolen goods
  • backache
  • physical fatigue
  • constant anxiety about the safety of things and inability to fully rest.

Our safe luggage storage is located all over the world. The lack of queues and comfort for clients, who can both order a cup of coffee, take a shower, eat and rest, make our service popular. After all, our Guardians (partners with whom we cooperate) are usually owners of cafes, restaurants, bars, and hotels. So you can not only leave your belongings in a safe place but also relax with comfort! And then, with renewed vigor, go in search of adventure!

luggage storage

How to use a luggage storage

You choose the Guardian by using our service (setting the parameters you need: location, radius). We accept different payment methods. After booking, you get the exact address to come and leave your luggage. It is very important to look closely at the Guardian’s working hours. Although, if you happen to be late or come for things at some other time due to force majeure, you can always call the Guardian and arrange all the details or consult our support service. We’re always in touch.

Cost of baggage storage per day

The cost of storing is €5 per day around the world and in the CIS countries up to €3.3 in most cases and depending on the region. The price does not depend on the size of the baggage and, in general, we are ready to accept baggage of any size and gravity. If the Guardian has some special requirements for things, you should know about it beforehand!

Traveling light

Easy trip with is a great opportunity to enjoy the luxurious views of the city you have come to without burdening yourself with carrying heavy loads. They say the best rest is going beyond borders, an emotional outburst that inspires creativity! To relieve thoughts after stressful everyday life, to see the unknown, and to add a note of holiday mood to ordinary life – that is why people go on a journey!


So spend an unforgettable holiday. Go in the morning to the coziest cafe, then – to the exhibition, to the fascinating excursion to the museum. Then you can taste the national dish in the local restaurant, and then go on a mountain bike tour or the long-awaited shopping. And you can end an emotional day on a sunny beach swept by waves. The belongings left for us to store will help to be mobile in the movements.

Best memory

We want you to have the best memories after your trip! Our luggage storage service allows you not to be distracted by the peripheral, not to suffer from physical fatigue, from exhausting backache, and not to worry about the safety of your luggage. Leave us travel bags, suitcases, luggage of any size and be calm, because we guarantee their safety.

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