Make Money Online: Myths, Truths, and Opportunities for You

When you hear someone talking about how to make money online you get different opinions from different people. Some will say that there is no reality in making online money while others will tell you can be a millionaire overnight.

Well, there are so many myths that you can find about the online earning and we will discuss a few of them that discourage you to start making money online. We will also let you know what the truths are and what the opportunities are for you.

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Myth #1: Only Tech Experts Can Make Online Money

One of the biggest lies that you will hear from word of mouth is that only the tech experts who know computer programming or mobile app development can make money online. Other people like you and me can’t earn anything online because we are not tech experts.

Truth: Well, this is obviously not true. A lot of nontech people also making thousands of dollars every month by working online. You don’t need to be a tech expert. You just need to be an “expert” in your own field.

Opportunities: For example, if you are good at cooking, you can start your cooking blog and monetize your recopies. With that, you can make your YouTube channel as well where you can upload videos of the delicious food that you can make. If you are a teacher you can teach online on various educational platforms and if you are not an expert in anything, even then you can earn online by online paid surveys.

Myth # 2: It is a SCAM

Well, this is the most horrible myth about online earning. Horrible, because in some cases it is true that can make many people believe in this myth. You will be told that there are scammers everywhere on the internet, they will just take your money and run away. Or they will tell you that scammers will ask you to work hard for them, and when you work for them, they will get the work and will run away without paying.

Truth: There are some scammers on the internet, but they are just like you can meet with a scammer in your daily life. Any shopkeeper can sell a replica product by telling you that it is the original product. Or more scams like this you can face in your daily routine. So, the thing is black sheep and bad people are everywhere. So, if there are a few bad people on the internet, it doesn’t mean it is a total SCAM. There are more real and legit places to earn online money as compared to the scammers.

Opportunities: If we talk about the opportunities to earn online and avoid scammers, then there are a few platforms that you can use. You can sell your services on Upwork, Fiverr, Freelance, and other such well-reputed websites where payments are guaranteed. On these marketplaces, you will meet thousands of real buyers who are more than happy to pay you for your services. You can also make your own website to sell your services, but for that, you need to show your portfolio and promote your website on the internet to a targeted audience. To get the targeted traffic, you can learn how to get traffic to your website so that you can reach more potential customers.

Myth #3: To Earn Online, You’ve to spend Millions

Some people will discourage you by telling you that if you want to make money online, you have to 1st spend millions on the internet, and then you will be able to spend a few thousand on monthly basis. They will give you examples of big stores, companies, and influencers and show you’re their lifestyle and stores. They will tell you that look at them how much money they have invested and then they are able to make online money.

Truth: This is totally wrong. There are thousands of people who are earning online by not spending much amount. Even in some cases, you can start earning online without spending a single penny if you have the basic equipment. Like there are so many people who already have good Facebook pages and groups on they have their own Smartphone and internet connection, but they are wasting time. If they know how to use these assets, they can earn online without spending a single penny.

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Opportunities: You can start your own Dropshipping store to sell products from AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. You don’t need to buy the stock and you don’t need to worry about the packaging and shipping process as well. One can start your Dropshipping store with as little as $100 USD or, if you don’t know how to create a store, you can get a ready to sell Dropshipping store in just $400. You can also make money by taking awesome pictures if you are an expert in photography and already have a good DSLR camera. Or you can sell your photos on online photo stock websites.

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