Making Music: Building the Best Car Audio System

When you try to play music in your car, does it sound like you’re inside a tin can? Well, if you consider aluminum tin, you kind of are…

Anyways, that’s to say not all cars come with good audio systems. Some older market cars don’t even have AUX cords or Bluetooth receptors, leaving you stuck with tapes or CDs.

Whether you’re driving an older model car or you’re not happy with the newer built-in system, you have options. You can build the best car audio system yourself and customize it to your exact needs.

Learn how to create the best car audio system, even if you have no experience, below.

Know the Basics

Your car audio system is three main parts that work together. When you’re rebuilding your system for sound quality, you’ll have the choice to replace one, two, or all aspects. Many people start with a single aspect, then replace the next one when they have the funds.

The three parts include the head unit, the amplifier, and the speakers.

The Head Unit

Back in the early 2000s, everyone had the same add-in stereo. It was silver, reflective, and folded down to reveal a CD player. It had the classic digital clock-numbers font, and the more expensive versions had rainbow light features.

That’s a head unit: the stereo that controls your audio experience. Your car’s built-in system also counts. Some people call them stereo receivers, but they’re the same thing.

This control panel tells the car what volume to put into the amplifiers and speakers, the Bluetooth receiver, and any other inputs. Your head unit is connected to both your speakers and your amplifier.


If your head unit was only connected to your speakers, the sound wouldn’t be loud enough for you to enjoy, especially on the highway. So, car manufacturers add in an amplifier, which amplifies the sound.

Your car’s default amplifier is likely eight or ten watts, which is how amplifier power is “graded.” The higher the watts, the louder the music will go. You can buy amplifiers at almost any watt level.

However, the higher the watts, the higher the cost.


Your cars’ default speakers aren’t made for crazy amplifier wattage. They can handle maybe double what your car came with, but no more than that (with quality sound). So, if you’re going to get an ultra-loud amplifier, you need to get new speakers to go with it.

There are different kinds of speakers for different types of music enjoyment. For example, if you listen to music with loud bass, you want to make sure you get speakers like the American Bass VFL.

If you listen to a mix of things, high-quality general-use car speakers will work just fine.

Putting Together the Best Car Audio System

Besides figuring out the wiring, building your car audio equipment is pretty simple. All you need to do is decide what you want to replace, with what, and in what order.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the best car audio system. If you’re not comfortable doing the wiring yourself, many electronics and auto-parts stores will do it for you (for a fee). For more helpful daily tech news, come back daily


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