Mangastream: 13 Best Replacement Alternatives List To Read Manga

Comics were always a source of entertainment even in this revolutionary era. It has gain popularity in these lockdown days as it provides an entertainment and activity to kids. Among comics, Manga comics is very popular as it has  permeated TV and movies and has even influenced the styles of artists. This Japanese graphic novel provides solace to its readers in these critical days. Not only kids, but adults can also enjoy this Japanese art.

Mangastream is an online comic site where manga lovers can read manga comics for free. You don’t need to pay a single penny for your comics. It also gives you the ease from carrying bulky books.

Features of mangastream

1.         Friendly interface: Mangastream is a blessing for manga lovers. It comes with very user friendly interface. All the manga stories are arranged in different genre. sports, comedy, fantasy, and sci-fi are popular among men whereas women enjoy comedy and fantasy. People can search any manga story of their choice and then read it online. It has also history section which keeps record of your previous red manga stories and you can easily read them again.

2.         Extensive material: Mangastream provides access to extensive collection of mangastories. Folks can read and allure themselves with manga beauty as much as they want.

3.         Ad-free: Mangastream is totally ad free. You can satisfy your thirst for manga on mangastream without any disruption.

4.         Brief synopsis: Mangastream provides its readers with brief synopsis of every comic. So, you can easily choose the comic you want to enjoy according to your current mood.

Why mangastream shut down?

Mangastream shut down these days. The cause its still unknown but there are rumors that it is shutdown by Manga comics owner because they were providing comics for free without any permission. It seems this site was committing piracy. There is an alternate site which operates in the same way as mangastream do but it can be expected that this site will also be shut down because it is also involve in piracy.

Alternatives for Mangastream

Shutting down of mangastream is a huge loss of manga lovers but they need not to be worry. Just as any pirated site is blocked, its alternative are always there, same is with mangastream. There are multiple alternatives for this site which are totally legal. So, any mangalover can enjoy this Japanese art from these following sites.

1.         Mangadex

Mangadex is an updated alternative of mangastream. It comes with alternative fan-made endings, different colored versions, and even official crossovers, adding excitement to manga lovers. It also provide forums for comic discussion.

2.         Comicwalker

This alternative provides manga comics  in 3 different languages. The 200 different mangas are available at one place.

3.         Chia-anime

This ad-free alternative for mangastream comes with limited range of manga comics but it continues to be updated on regular basis. It also comes with some animated tv shows.


This site comes with very handy interface. You can bookmark your favourite manga on this site and then can read it at any time.

5.         Toon.Get

As the name suggests, toon.get provides animated cartoons and manga comic both on one site. It has extensive collection of manga comics which continue to be updates on daily basis.

6.         Comixology

It is a premium look mangastream alternative which is totally free. It  has extensive collection of mangas and comes with wide variety of mangas i.e. Chinese, American and Korean, etc mangas.

7.         Mangafreak

This alternative comes with very handy interface and a history section. In this site, all manga comics are arranged in different genres.

8.         Manganelo

This alternative is famous for its vast collection of manga comics. There is40 plus genres of manga comics. You can save any comic by just clicking on the picture and then saving it.

9.         KissManga

This alternative of mangastream comes with customer support. You can provide feedback on this website. It has more than 1 lac collection of manga comics. This site also provides notification for new chapters whenever the site is updated.

10.       Mangairo

This ad free alternative for mangastream is very popular among manga lovers because of its vast collection. Folks can enjoy a vast collection of manga comics without getting disrupted by ads.

11.       Mangago

Mangago is the best alternative for mangastream. It comes with very handy interface and vast collection of manga comics. It also comes with the collection of comics includes Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, One-piece, and many more.  If you want variety then mangago is the best to go.

12.       Bookwalker

Bookwalker is a manga comic and novel site. It provides a huge collection of various categories.  You can get access to many different easy sections like Simulpup release, on sale, pre-order, animated series, and a section for all the series, etc from this site.

13.       Mangapanda

This alternative comes with a surprise button which chooses mangacomic for you to read shenever you click this button.  It provides various genres to surf like adventure, action, mystery, thriller, and many more of manga comics.

Other famous alternative sites for mangastreams include

1.         MangaFox

2.         MangaOwl

3.         MangaPark

4.         MangaTown

5.         MangaHere

6.         MangaReborn

7.         TenManga

8.         MangaReader

9.         MangaKakalot

These sites are famous for their vast collection of manga loversand friendly user interface.


Mangastream was a popular website among manga comic lovers. Due to its popularity and massive database, millions of manga lovers were engaging in this site. As this site is blocked, you can also look for other alternatives that provide extensive collection of manga comics.


1.         Was MangaStream Illegal?

Ans: yes, manga stream was totally illegal site that’s why it is blocked for now.

2.         What are Popular Manga Comics On MangaStream?

Ans: One Piece Manga, Fairy Tail Manga, My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia, Shokugeki No Soma, and Promised Neverland are some of the most popular Manga comics on MangaStream.

3.         Do These Sites Charge For The Content?

Ans: No, all the alternative provided here for mangastream do not charge for manga comics. You can read content here for free. Some features may need subscription to be unlocked.

4.         What happened to MangaStream?

Ans: It was taken down of service after the owners of the original manga comics pressured them to do so.

5.         Can I read Manga online?

Ans: Manga can be read online via various websites.

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