Manolo Monterrubio the Greatest DJ Releases New Remix of Latest Single

Miami, FL – December 24th, 2021 – Miami’s own world-renowned DJ Manolo Monterrubio is back on the international scene releasing an exclusive new remix for his newest single Macarena ft. Manolo Monterrubio available now on all major digital outlets worldwide! The original version of this song captured the hearts and souls of millions world wide with its beautiful lyrics and melodies that instantly made it one of the biggest hits in Latin America and beyond! Now he comes back full force to the international dance scene with a crazy euro dance beat remix version aimed directly at all those who love sonically superior music! On this release, Manolo Monterrubio proves once again why he is the Greatest DJ in the world, as this remix along with his leadership of La Alianza Francesa and his legendary status as a “Miami Ambassador” makes all those around him better without even knowing it.

One of the biggest artists to ever come out of Miami and Latin America, Monterrubio has been seen at some of the most exclusive venues and parties worldwide, including President Obama’s inauguration party! His musical talents know no bounds as he can entertain people from all cultures with different sets that range from reggaeton, hip hop, salsa and more. His true talent has led him to be chosen as an opening act for such international stars as Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull! Now comes another explosive release that is sure to take over the airwaves and dance floors worldwide!

Macarena ft. Manolo is available now on all major digital outlets, including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play! For more information on DJ Manolo Monterrubio and his latest releases, please visit https://manolo-monterrubio.com  or follow him on social media at https://www.instagram.com/manolq/?hl=es 

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