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Undertaking a business project involves much more than setting up a head office with employees and some good product or service. Although these are important elements in the “materialization” of your business. As such, there are other factors that influence its success and positioning among the public.

We are talking precisely about promotion, about the creation of a communication strategy good enough to fit in people’s tastes. That is why there are so many creative and advertising agencies. But just one like Mars Rouge.

What makes Mars Rouge so special

To be the digital agency with the most complete service to take care of your company’s communication and advertising. Mars Rouge is based in Mulhouse, France and also has a presence in Basel, Switzerland with several offices. Mars Rouge was created by Julien Di Giusto in 2012.

Mars Rouge is a place where you can find from the beginning the best attention and advice for the development of your projects; no matter in which direction they will be directed since the agency covers a wide variety of areas.

You will get guidance for the development of the creative concept for your company; Mars Rouge can offer the best creative direction you can imagine. Mars Rouge professionals will turn your proposal into a tangible and successful reality.

If you already have in mind the idea for your website, Mars Rouge offers you the ideal tools to make this site attractive, communicative; of optimal visualization and handling.

Do you have a logo or a website to create?

If your company’s services do not have the positioning desired by you and you want to increase the traffic of your page on the web; Mars Rouge can make this requirement a reality appreciated in results, advising you on marketing in search engines.

The management of Mars Rouge professionals even includes advice and help in developing strategies to boost e-commerce. If you are, for example, one of those who know how to recognize the great value of audiovisual material within digital marketing; in Mars Rouge you will find the best creative proposals.

These communications agency has developed more than 400 projects, linked to visual communication and web design, over the last 8 years. It also has an extensive experience in advertising and marketing, which has earned it a solid reputation among its clients.

What does Mars Rouge offer you?

Mars Rouge offers a complete service with the best advice to achieve the best results. In the creative process we help our clients to build their identities off and online, with a special attention to the subject of communication so that it is always consistent. The main objective of Mars Rouge is to achieve the growth of your business.

In Mars Rouge you will always be encouraged to think about your projects and go beyond the “apparent” needs. The idea is to help you get inspired and being curious so that you can identify points that might have been neglected. Mars Rouge embraces global visions for business development; all in strict coherence.

This renowned web agency generally develops work that exceeds the client’s own expectations. The joint observation work allows the development of products that make a difference.

The agency’s success is measured in relation to the successes that customers can achieve as a result of the work done.

Mars Rouge has a great work environment where creativity, the exploration of ideas and camaraderie are often encouraged; therefore, excellent relationships are usually established between the clientele and the creatives, who always facilitate the processes, despite the demands.

Client relationships often extend beyond the project. The lasting impression of each creation, which can be considered one of the hallmarks of this successful communication agency, finds meaning outside the product.

Mars Rouge beyond borders

The effectiveness of the agency has allowed it to gain recognition and appreciation among clients from different parts of the world. As is well known, Mars Rouge works with clients from Switzerland, where its headquarters and Mulhouse in France are located.

The agency’s success lies in the wide variety of areas of communication and advertising over which they have competence. Mars Rouge helps its clients to make their products known, creating promotional strategies, supported by visual and audiovisual messages that find a place in the various technological devices.

Mars Rouge helps companies to develop their ideas to obtain assertive messages about their products, always linked to their corporate identity. Its strategies always respond to the most current trends since the main objective will always be to stand out through unique results that guarantee success.

If your objective is to access more clients through SEO positioning, Mars Rouge can also help you. Having a professional website will give you access to the first places in your niche. What to say if in strategy development the focus is linked to content marketing and search marketing. Soon your competitors will be left behind.

Mars Rouge’s job doesn’t stop there, if the goal is for your business to achieve a better performance in handling press communication; you will have all the support you need. The experiences of various companies in this area, such as Vitale, a manufacturer of aluminum and PVC carpentry in Alsace, have yielded positive results.

Another of the great advantages offered by Mars Rouge to its distinguished clientele is the advice on the communication strategy to be developed with the press.

Experience : Vitale manufacture and installation of doors and windows

Mars Rouge was hired by this company for the creation of its website with an optimized SEO service; that would allow it to position itself in the search for greater access to new customers.

The criteria applied in the task were focused on providing an optimal user experience, an attractive web design that also incorporated the marketing of editorial content.

The results of this wonderful work were soon recognized. In this way it was possible for Vitale and Mars Rouge to be recognized in the national competition Trophées de la Comunication, obtaining second place among 700 candidates.

The trophy for the category “best website for companies with 50 to 250 employees” was unanimously awarded to Vitale, thanks to the excellent work achieved with Mars Rouge.

Thanks to the accessibility of the website, the originality of its strategy, the graphic design, the quality of the support, the striking aesthetics, the successful use of its images, and the simplicity of the use of the media; Vitale and Mars Rouge were honored with this award that took place 2 years ago.

User’s opinion

The reputation of a web agency like Mars Rouge has been decorated several times with renowned awards thanks to the excellence of each work done; also enjoys a privileged appreciation among its users.

Mars Rouge is an agency usually qualified with 5 stars. As they have reviewed in writing, they recommend it widely for its advice, full of ideas and tips that in practice give good results. This means that each person within Mars Rouge is a professional to the letter.

Another point in his favor is the commitment to his clients. Mars Rouge does not limit itself to the creation of a design or the planning of certain communication strategies. For this agency, the commitment is real, so its constant monitoring of each project, covering even the smallest detail, is highly praised.

It also stands out for its responsiveness, the quality of each of its original and intelligent projects and the great professionalism with which every task is carried out.

In Mars Rouge you will find the answer to any need you have in terms of communication and advertising. The wide variety of its services makes it a unique option.

A complete service

If you place your project in the hands of professionals like those of Mars Rouge, you will have ensured the achievement of your objectives by 100%. No matter the size of the project, in Mars Rouge have all the tools to materialize their ideas in the most professional and effective.

The high quality distinguishes each work: Design or refreshing of logos, e-commerce, development of informative websites, press strategies, digital marketing. Whatever it is, Mars Rouge will always have an answer for you.

Mars Rouge is the Swiss digital agency with an active presence in France, which will help you direct each project directly to success. Quality is the particular hallmark of this web agency. Put your projects in the best hands and it won’t take long to evaluate positive responses.

Mars Rouge guarantees you: Professionalism, effectiveness and superior quality in everything related to your company’s communications and advertising. Your biggest advantage is that the advice you can find here, you cannot find anywhere else. Less in such a precise and complete way.

For best results look for the best. Mars Rouge is the digital agency for ambitious people. There is nothing better than the certainty of achieving a goal. Mars Rouge gives you the possibility to achieve your goals and more. This web agency is always ready to go one step further.

The portfolio of clients of this agency has important names. Your name is also important to Mars Rouge. They will always be available to help you in the area you need.

Do not hesitate. Visit their website without waiting any longer

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