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Material and Size of Rem Body Pillow

Pillows are an important component of the sleeping process. The same as your mattress, your pillows also determine the quality of rest you get. The pillow you rest on makes all of the big difference between a cozy, relaxing night’s sleep and waking up with aches and pains all over.

Many times, individuals are likely to focus exclusively on their mattresses and forget everything about their pillows. This’s a crucial mistake, and this can also be a costly blunder since you may only be replacing your mattress when the issue could be quickly resolved with a pillow replacement. Pillows, just love mattresses, aid in support and comfort. They align your mind, neck, top shoulders with the spine of yours. Body pillows are much better at support.

This content is going to focus on probably the newest trend in the pillow sector, the extremely popular Japanese rem body pillows. It is going to take you through all of the finer points of the rem body pillow, making it a breeze to purchase the best one for yourself.

Different Fabric Options for a Rem Body Pillow

One of the most commonly asked questions related to the Rem Body Pillow is actually about the various fabric choices available. Here is a summary of the primary materials you are going to find available.

Peach Skin

Peach skin is actually among the most economical elements which businesses use in the Rem Body Pillow pillows. It has a hundred % polyester, and the graphics are likely to print on their nicely. This fabric feels extremely soft, and it is incredibly durable, though it doesn’t have some stretch to it.

Soft Velvet

Rem Body Pillow pillows also are available in super soft velvet. It is the identical velvet you’re most likely already familiar with. You need to only choose this particular fabric in case you’re ready for the graphic to appear a bit blurrier and also you wish to remain extremely warm.

Two-way Tricot

The two-way tricot fabric tends to be popular amongst fans of the rem body pillow. The majority of the businesses that produce rem body pillows make use of a bit of a version of this particular fabric.

This particular fabric is sleek and extremely flexible and stretches in 4 directions. Graphics printed on this particular fabric are colorful and crisp. Reviewers noted, however, that this particular choice is a bit simpler to snag on sharp items than the other options.

Smooth Knit

Rem Body Pillows also are available in a substance known as smooth knit. Smooth knit is a slightly greater model of the peach skin, and it is also a hundred % polyester. The graphics print onto this particular fabric attractively, and it never fades. This particular fabric is difficult and soft to wrinkle but can certainly stretch in one direction.


Finally, the business which began the entire thing utilizes a fabric called twill. We find a lot of fans of this budget-friendly option, so maybe it is a great idea to buy it. Nevertheless, there are a couple of collectors that wish to hang their rem body pillows.

Rem Body Pillow Sizing Options

We by now told you that the rem body pillow describes the outside shell and the inner pillow, though you’ve to buy the essential fluffy component separately. In addition to that, these pillows typically are available in 3 distinct sizes — 150 by fifty centimeters, 160 by fifty centimeters, and hundred by thirty-five centimeters. The pillows are called the “inner pillow.”

The distinction in the dimensions of the rem body pillow is mostly to service the need for rem body pillow outside of Japan. Traditionally rem body pillows were only produced in 160 cm.

Nevertheless, this meant practically double the delivery fees as compared to a somewhat smaller dimension of 150 and a hundred cm. Hence to accommodate the anime and manga “Otaku” culture as well as to stay cost-effective, the smaller size of Rem Body Pillows was created.


These two regular sizes are rem body pillows are strictly adhered to because given that the dynamics of these pillows, they tend to appeal to a part of the population which are actually into Japanese anime, which would like uniformity in the collections they acquire.

Additionally, not every person purchases a rem body pillows sized inner pillow with every pillow cover change. Given that rem body pillows are pillow covers, it makes sense to keep them in a consistent size.

Final Words

When picking out the very best body pillow, think of your height, just how warm you rest, and in case you’ve any pre-existing health conditions like persistent back pain. Body pillows can function as a decorative comfy extra pillow in bed, or maybe they may be used right poor sleeping positions – when shopping, take into account exactly why you are purchasing the body pillow, also.

If you are not looking for a body pillow to enhance your night’s sleep and you just need an extra-long cushion for the bed of yours, the look of the pillow of yours will matter most. On the other hand, certain details about durability, breathability, and the material will be essential when pinpointing a suitable pillow to complement the sleep needs yours. With a bit of research, you will be sure to search for the proper body pillow for you.

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