ME-TA-BE or the Benefits of the Metaverse for Companies

ME-TA-BE, an immersive marketing agency tells us what the metaverse is, its benefits and the services that brands can take advantage of.

What is the metaverse?

ME-TA-Be, or Metabé as some call it, defines the Metaverse as a network of 3D virtual platforms focused on social connection. In futurism and science fiction, it is often described as a hypothetical interaction of the internet as a unique and universal virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality glasses.

The Metaverse is a concept that goes beyond the physical world as we know it. We are talking about a virtual world to which human beings can “connect” to work, play, communicate and even buy plots or invest in the virtual world.

Through virtual reality glasses we can interact with all the elements that will make it up. It will be like teleporting to the virtual world.

Unlike virtual reality video games, the Metaverse seeks to be an alternative virtual reality to real life in which we can do the same things we do today, but without having to leave your living room.

What benefits does the metaverse offer to brands?

From branding to performance, even new business models. The possibilities that brands have in the metaverse are endless. The metaverse is a new context that needs companies and brands to hold innovation sessions to take advantage of the entire ecosystem

What services does ME-TA-BE offer?

  • Creative & digital strategy
  • Business model innovation
  • Creation of own virtual platform
  • Metaverse Events
  • Avatars, skins…
  • 3D Web
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality

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