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Minecraft Coloring Pages

Minecraft by coloring pages here is the coloring page Steve, the protagonist of the famous video games, just on my page! Does anyone know who Steve is? There has been much speculation about what the Minecraft is for purpose and whether it is human.

Steve has dark brown hair, blue eyes, dark skin, nose and mouth. He appears in a light blue shirt, jeans and grey shoes. So instruct your child to use the same colors to color their Minecraft coloring pages.

Top 35 Coloring Pages Minecraft to Print


Don’t go by size. Even the smallest Minecraft characters can be extremely dangerous. Ghasts are mobs that float in the air and shoot fireballs out of their mouths. The fireballs fired by Ghasts are reflected when hit with tools or bare hands before impact. You can kill the spirit completely by throwing back their attacks on them.

Ghosts spawn near the portals outside the Nether. To spawn, the Ghasts need a solid block below and a free space of 5*4*5 to spawn.

The ghasts drop 0 to 2 gunpowder and sometimes even a ghast crack. You can even lose five experience points if they are killed by a player. And they even make high and childish noises while attacking.

Minecraft Pig:

Here’s a coloring sheet of a Minecraft pig, the passive animal pack that spawns on grassy areas. If you use a saddle, they can be ridden by the player. But you can control them by using a carrot on a stick. You can even remove the saddle by killing the saddled pig.

The pigs are mainly used for collecting pork chops. But first, the player must create a fenced area with a width of four and a depth of one block. Then you have to lure the pigs with carrots into the farm. Breed them now as often as you can.

The pig turns into a zombie pig man when it is struck by lightning. Diamond sword.


Here is a coloring sheet of the Diamond Sword, one of the most effective melee weapons for killing players and creatures. Hundreds of blocks can be destroyed with this sword in the blink of an eye. If you attack the sword at walking pace or even slowly, the enemies will be knocked off and damaged by the slashing attack.

Pressing an attack on the sword can increase the player’s damage to both mobs and teammates. However, the durability of the sword decreases even with damage.

The swords also have a high priority for the villagers. The villagers exchange the sword for 12 to 14 emeralds.


Here’s a coloring page of a Creeper, the enemy creature, which gives off a hiss, followed by an explosion as it approaches the player. The creepers can spawn on the surface at any time underground and in dark places or at night. The creeping plants do not ignite when exposed to sunlight.

The explosion time of a creeper is also reset if the player moves away from his explosion radius before the detonation. If a creeper is killed before its explosion is triggered, it drops gunpowder.

But when lightning strikes with four blocks of a creeper, it becomes electrified, making it a charged creeper, also known as thunder creepers.


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