Mobile-First Indexing – What’s in the box for E-commerce businesses?

Are you looking for quick insights into the world of search engine optimization? We have brought you the latest happening from the Google, and its potential impacts of your search engine optimization efforts. So, just check out the latest trend from the search engine giant.

Mobile-First Indexing:

Well, this is something that most search engine optimization companies have been expecting for a very long time (at least for 2 to 3 years). In fact, when we asked some reputed search engine optimization companies in Las Vegas on their take on this latest algorithm updated from Google, most of them responded positively about the update and that they were already prepared for it.

So, what’s really in the Mobile-First Indexing? Let’s just check it out real quick:

Mobile-First indexing as very much evident from the name refers to the increased importance of mobile websites in the e-commerce industry. Now since the algorithm has been rolled-out, the search engine crawlers will prefer websites with interactive and mobile-friendly websites. The Update has been affected since March 2018 and now businesses need to transit fast towards highly efficient mobile websites.

As we have already said, this isn’t the most shocking news for most reputed search engine optimization companies or even for tech nerds who are into the digital marketing world. I remember last year while talking to a highly acclaimed search engine optimization company in Las Vegas, the company spokesperson was quite confident about this update and well, as per his prediction this update had to come even earlier than when it was launched now.

Basically, it is all about numbers. Now that the number of mobile searches has surpassed the desktop searched for quite a time, it was common sense that the largest search engine in the world would take into consideration the majority of users, apriority. So, now with Mobile-first indexing, businesses with a friendly and interactive mobile website will be given preference for searches made through mobile devices.

At present Google hasn’t penalized websites with an unfriendly mobile version or compete for absence for the mobile platform. In fact, the update is more about favoring and giving away the incentive to businesses that have maintained a mobile-friendly website. The most common issue for mobile websites is the lack of full content display. The user interface of mobile websites is made such that portions of web content just get ignored in the web design. Now, with this update, any content invisible in mobile website won’t be crawled or ranked by Google bots, which means loss of ranking and visibility.

For businesses with no mobile website presence, there is no penalty at the moment, however, they will be losing their ranking and visibility over mobile searches (Google won’t be ranking them for mobile searches). This is significant when we look at the number of mobile searches (more than desktop). Therefore, even though there is no official penalty, the absence from mobile searches can harm such businesses lose big time in the longer run. And well we might see some strict measures being taken by Google to ensure every e-commerce business has its online mobile presence maintained.

This article is written by Rick Johnson who is a tech enthusiast and loves to travel all over the World. Right now he is working as Senior Content editor at Folio3 Ecommere agency in USA. Please read his article 3dcart Vs. Bigcommerce: Which One Is Best For Online Store Development to get great knowledge about Ecommerce World. 

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