Monitor YouTube Activities of Your Kids and Workers with Screen Recording App

These days, both adults and kids are addicted to YouTube and spend many hours on it. Kids use it for watching their favorite cartoons and educational shows. Similarly, adults take advantage of it to view movies, TV shows, and much more.

There are billions of channels and videos on this platform, so it is nearly impossible to confirm that everything is suitable for your kids to watch. When parents are away from their children, they can view adult content that is not good for them.

As an employer, if your company’s performance is going down gradually, you should take action to find out the root cause. When employers or supervisors are not around, employees waste time on the internet. They can use YouTube to watch inappropriate content instead of completing their official tasks.

Therefore, it is necessary for both parents and employers to monitor screen activities of their children and workers to figure out what they view on this website. For this purpose, you can rely on the best screen recording app for YouTube.

It allows you to record all the acts performed on YouTube through the mobile device. It works with all types of devices such as mobiles, tablets, computers, and laptops. So, you can easily use it to monitor your kid’s YouTube social app on his smartphone.

Employers can install it on their company-owned systems to monitor what their employees watch on this platform. You will be able to check their visited videos, comments, downloaded and uploaded videos, personal channels, search, and watch history as well. The screen recorder will capture short videos and then, upload them to the web control panel.

Why It Is Essential to Monitor YouTube Activities of Your Teens and Workers?

Nowadays, most organizations track their staffs’ internet usage to figure out if they are working or wasting time. Many business owners think that it’s immoral to track someone’s device secretly.

It’s true that it’s illegal to monitor your employees’ personal devices but you have the right to track your company’s systems. The monetary damage incurred from wasted time amounts to millions for many companies. According to a report, wasted time costs US companies more than $550 million every year.

Generally, parents should also keep a check on their kids’ YouTube usage to know about what sort of content they watch. This website has so much good stuff to offer, but there are lots of unsuitable videos as well that children should not view. Many parents think that this platform is safe for teens and kids, but sadly, it’s not.

They can effortlessly access violent, sexual, and emotionally distressing videos. The good thing is that you have the option to restrict unwanted content. But, still, it is compulsory to keep an eye on your kids to protect them from the harms of YouTube. To spy on the YouTube actions of your children and employees, you can use the screen recorder tool.

It enables you to view all the activities your targeted person performed on his YouTube account through any digital device. You can spy on what kind of videos they are watching, what type of content they are downloading and uploading, and what sort of comments they are leaving on other videos in real-time.

How Screen Recorder Software Helpful for Employers and Parents?

If your kid watches YouTube all day long secretly, then you should try to discover what he views. To spy on his activities, you can use the best screen recording app for YouTube. It is capable of capturing short videos of performed activities on your targeted user’s device. You can access the recorded videos through your dashboard. 

Employers don’t tolerate time wastage within the office hours especially when team members are watching videos on the company’s systems such as computers or smartphones. So, as a business owner, if you want to know about what there are doing on your company’s devices and particularly on YouTube, you can perform screen monitoring without informing them. It supports you to track their activities on this platform in real-time and take decisions accordingly.


The YouTube screen recorder software is a powerful and reliable solution for all concerned parents and employers.  


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