Most common cannabis seeds available at seed banks

In this blog, you will learn about the commonly available cannabis seeds at seed banks. Click on this link to get to know more about the Canadian seed banks- 

Early XXX

A beginner who’s entering the growing market and is looking for a starting point should select this cannabis seed. The best feature of this seed is that it grows pretty quickly and is ready to harvest in two months.

They can grow almost anywhere, whether it’s indoors or outdoor; this strain tends to be quite adaptable. You can extract at least 500 grams of goodness from the plant.

Their overall THC quantity tends to be at a rate of 15 percent. It is a hybrid breed mixed in with Indica and Sativa to give you the pleasure of both. You will feel a sense of relaxation fall over you mixed in with euphoria. If your goal is to become highly focused, this is not for you as it tends to make people in quite a haze and forgetful.

Black Domino

Known for their spice and cloudy experience, you might want to be ready to deal with this much heat. The THC potency level of this strain is at around 25 percent and is mostly all indica strain. The underlying strain can be pretty relaxing and help you have a good night’s sleep.

The spice aspect of Black Dominos is also known to spruce up your digestive system and relieve any pain. These grow pretty quickly within two to two and a half months. The final product ends up being around 300 to 500 grams.

Buy Black Dominos from your local seed bank by clicking this link. 

Dark Angel

This is an excellent option for beginners to start their journey into growing weed, a hybrid of the Indica and Sativa. You can go through a wide range of emotions as the dark angels give you both excitement and a relaxed feel.

Ease your pains with the dark angel, and it grows pretty quickly, too, in about two months. Can grow in both indoor and outdoor setting you can start planting it today by buying Dark Angel from the local seed store


This marijuana strain makes you smile but not due to its cheesy flavor instead of its sweet and fruity.

It is pretty easy to grow, which is why most beginners start with it, and there’s little upkeep. Full of the Sativa, it makes one feel more energized and contains about 20 percent THC.

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Final thoughts

Any one of these strains would make an excellent choice to start with. Each of these strains has a unique feature to them, so first, try them out before you start growing them. Choosing to decide which first strain you will produce can be an extremely personal choice.

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