Most Popular JS Frameworks in 2021

As a pro or beginner developer/software engineer, among the significant decisions you’ll make is choosing language, tools, and framework to use for a particular project. The process isn’t always easy, as the software development community boasts an extensive pool of options. Nonetheless, JS Framework has and continues to be a popular option. A rich pool of resources, support community, and smooth learning curve are some of the contributions propelling JS’s popularity. The readily available Javascript development company services continue to make it easier for organizations to furnish their project’s needs by utilizing emerging trends. As a developer/software developer, keeping up with the trends to ensure that your Javascript development company enjoys an edge can’t be stressed enough. Let’s look at some of the most popular JS Frameworks in 2021 to help you stay on track.

React JS

React was launched in 2003 by Facebook. Its popularity continues to soar owing to its numerous advantages. Among the popular features that make React a go-to is its reusable components, as each has access to its logic and controls. As it utilizes JSX file, React is easy to learn and code. What’s more, the virtual DOM feature makes the development process a lot more manageable. React is most preferred for the development of high-quality UI across various devices.

Vue JS

Vue’s popularity is quickly growing, owing to its small framework size and extensive resource pool. The simple learning curve is also a significant factor propelling its popularity. Vue is preferred for frontend application development. Features such as detailed documentation, TypeScript support, and reusability makes Vue a versatile solution. The framework utilizes virtual DOM. With its data binding feature, you can easily manipulate and assign value to HTML attributes, allowing you to quickly furnish your project’s needs, including changing styles, assigning classes, among other considerations.

Ember JS

The open-source solution lets you quickly build reusable JavaScript apps that are easy to maintain. Ember’s center of development model entails the utilization of CSS and HTML. It features the Ember Inspector tool, making it easier to debug the apps. Modifying the content is also easy as the templates can automatically update every aspect. The flexible and adaptable JS framework is a go-to for a wide range of web applications.


Angular JS is a go-to, especially for JavaScript beginners. Its versatility is the winning factor propelling its popularity. It features elements including Typescript support, dependency injection, directives, two-way data binding, CLI, and MVC, to mention a few. The built-in features make it easier for developers to create, understand, and evaluate their applications, making Angular JS a popular framework.


Meteor JS’s popularity continues to skyrocket, especially as it is not only a JavaScript framework but also an open-source Isomorphic Development Ecosystem. Meteor JS makes it easier to build real-time apps from scratch, owing to its rich pool of the required front and back-end components. From the setup stage, development, to deployment, Meteor JS has you covered through the project development’s lifecycle.

Choosing an ideal JS Framework isn’t always straightforward. However, with your needs at hand, you can evaluate various options and pick the most suited solution.  The process is much easier with Javascript Development Company by your side, exposing you to the trends as you leverage their experience and expertise.

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