Most Stylish Engagement Ring that you should buy

When it comes to an engagement ring, we all think of diamond, gold, platinum, etc. But nobody gives so much attention to ring design and ring settings which is a big mistake. For a bride, an engagement ring should be stylish and unique than other rings. If you want a stylish ring for your engagement, then this article is for you. Before you step out to buy the ring, give a glance at these stylish ring settings.

What are those Stylish Engagement Ring Settings?

An engagement ring should be big and unique. Most people buy diamond rings in a simple look and setting. It may look fine but every bride wants a different and gorgeous ring for a wedding. Now, the diamond big ring can be expensive and out of your budget. So, you can try pawn shop diamond rings. In a pawn shop, you can buy and sell used jewelry. Mainly pawn shop is to get a loan in exchange for expensive things. So you can get the ring at a cheap price and you can buy it from your local pawn shops. Now as we all know for an engagement ring, a diamond is the first choice. No matter what material you use for your ring, you need to choose the right setting. In this article, we will talk about the four most stylish ring settings below

Solitaire ring

A diamond solitaire is one of the most stylish and preferable rings. It is the perfect setting for an engagement ring. This setting keeps the diamond fit and square. The solitaire also comes in a round and oval shape. These are the classic shape for the ring.

Pave ring

Pave settings shows luxury. The whole ring surface covers with the diamond. The specialty of this setting is it has a big diamond in the middle and a small stone in the whole ring. It creates a sparkle. It keeps shining over and over.


The reason it is called three-star is the ring has three amazing solid diamonds. You can customize it with colorful stones. The main diamond fits in the middle and the other small diamond fit in the left and right of the middle one.

Bezel ring

The bezel ring is the most unique ring setting. It fits the pure full carat of diamond. Among all the rings, the bezel is the most expensive ring setting.

For the special occasion, the ring also should be special.

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