Must Try Dishes in Manila Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is one of the most sought-after tourist spots in Singapore. Located at the heart of Singapore, the Marina Bay area is home to some of the most iconic attractions from the Merlion, the ArtScience Museum, and the three towers that make up the Marina Bay Sands. It offers quite a variety of food options that cater to all kinds of international tastes.

Not only is the Marina Bay Sands offering the best sites to visit, you can also fulfill your gastronomic adventures with the MBS food options. To begin your fun-filled evening, try their Hokkaido Scallop & Oyster Ceviche. You can expect your scallops and oyster drenched in calamansi and some lemongrass oil served on crushed ice. To finish it off is a garnish of coriander and pomelo dressing for additional zest.

Another must-try savory appetizer is the Poached Foie Gras with Hazelnut & Pomegranate. Once the foie gras hits your mouth, you will be delighted with how beautifully seasoned and how the meat almost melts in your mouth.

To finish off your dining experience, you can sink your spoon into the Molten Matcha Cheesecake. Once you dip your spoon into the warm green tea ganache, you get to see the cheesecake slowly ooze out creating a beautiful and delicious experience.

After a night filled with flavorful dishes, you can have a sip of the famous L’Africain Hot Chocolate. You can expect your mouth to enjoy the decadence of melted hot chocolate swirling in your mouth.

Some of you might prefer to cap the night with alcoholic beverages, you could treat yourself to one of their cocktails. The East Side comes with a yuzu paired with the tangy flavor of grapefruit.

CE LA VI is just one of the many MBS food options available where you can enjoy an epicurean adventure and taste a variety of innovative flavors made by some of the most talented and world-class chefs at the helm of their kitchen.

Murtaza Ali

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