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Neighborhoods in Seoul: Where to live?

If you’re planning to stay in South Korea for a long time or if you’re considering living permanently in South Korea, there are many neighborhoods and housing prices in Korea that are suitable for you. Ziptoss has made a list of the neighborhoods where foreigners can find their long-term homes.


There are a lot of expat-friendly restaurants and bars in town, some bars also show foreign sports on screens. Apartments tend to be bigger but a little older compared to other neighborhoods.


A classy neighborhood, but it’s a bit expensive to live in with serviced apartments. Hannam-dong is a good place to live in for international businessmen, and the military crowd.


It’s quite an underrated place to live in. This neighborhood doesn’t have many English speakers around but they do have good bike paths and links to public transportation which makes it more convenient if you’re working or studying in another location.

Ewha, Yonsei, and Sinchon

These neighborhoods are college areas, with lively nightlife. Small and cheaper apartments are usually found in these neighborhoods


There are a lot of foreigner-friendly places in this neighborhood. They have good local grocery stores and restaurants around.

Neighborhoods in Seoul


This neighborhood is quite new and still developing. Most parts of this area are still old but things are improving like putting up a new and large mall in the neighborhood for people nearby to enjoy.


One of the most expensive places to live in. Officetels and small apartments have standard prices but when it comes to larger apartments, it is very far from the standard price of an ordinary apartment.


One-room apartments are expensive in this area(that is most likely paid by your employer). It’s a little more expensive than the other nearby neighborhoods. There are also lots of foreigner-friendly restaurants and coffee shops.


You’ll be seeing officetels and high-rise buildings all around this neighborhood, it feels more like a business district than a residential area. If you’re constantly going back and forth to other places for business, then this type of neighborhood might be suitable for you.

Yeouido and Yeouinaru

The so-called “Korea’s Wall Street”, this neighborhood has a park that gets filled with tourists to visit during the cherry blossom season. It has a mix of young and old professionals in the area. If you’re planning to check this neighborhood out, you’ll also be seeing a mix of old and new apartments around.


This neighborhood is older compared to others, but more of a residential area. There are some new developments in the area but most of the neighborhood has not been much improved lately.

Kondae and Konkuk University

This area has many restaurants and foreigner-friendly places since it’s in a university area. There are also spacious apartments available in this neighborhood.

Gunja and Children’s Grand Park

Another older area, but with many improvements around. Konkuk University is just one bus ride away from the neighborhood if you’re planning to study there.

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