New Social Media Apps to Check Out in 2021

Social media is now completely embedded in our society. More people than ever are using social media and it makes complete sense, everything is at the palm of your hand! You can use an app for everything: from making video calls at work to showing off your dance moves.

As smartphones and computers become more accessible and affordable throughout the world, you’re bound to see a massive audience engaging with trending apps. So what will be the new social media apps to check out in 2021? Keep reading to find out.

1. WT Social

If you’re tired of the usual controversies surrounding popular social media giants, then you should look into WT Social. It’s a social network for people who are interested in discovering, discussing, and sharing the news. The WT stands for WikiTribune, which might sound familiar.If you’re tired of the usual controversies surrounding popular social media services, then you should look into WT Social

That’s because WT Social was created by the co-founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales. What makes this different than other social media apps is that it’s focused on news stories as opposed to the personal updates of people in your life. This site also stands out because it is completely funded by donations which means you don’t need to worry about advertisements.  

The website caters to the users first so you only need to donate if you find the site valuable for you. The website is made up of SubWikis and the community can discuss certain topics. Members can use links, text, and media in the discussion threads.

2. Elpha

You may be familiar with LinkedIn, the popular job networking site. One of the new social media apps meant for professional women is called Elpha. Despite there being a handful of other networking sites exclusive for women, Elpha stands out for several reasons.

For one, it’s free to use. It also resembles the feeling of using social media but without the stress that comes with it. That means removing the usual hate comments and excessive ads. There’s also the benefit of having the content moderated by humans.

Something else you’ll love about Elpha is that it maintains a great proportion of posts to topics. The topics can be everything from announcements to personal questions, from politics to self-care. There’s a sweet tenderness to Elpha, many of the posts feel supportive and contain positive emojis.

There’s a daily list of curated posts sent to your inbox so you can look over it. There are also weekly office hours where different entrepreneurs can discuss business. Additionally, there’s an events section for any fun get-togethers planned. 

3. Blind

As the world of business grows, so do the ways of enhancing your experience through apps. One of the apps that you might hear about is Blind. 

It’s a private community but if you work at any of the 100 tech giants, like Amazon or Facebook, you can join the app. Each sign-up is tied to the company’s official email and must be verified through that. With that said, once you’re in, you’re anonymous within the website. 

While this may not be a new app, it is going to take off in 2021. Employees from some of the most well-known companies all discuss a variety of things here. If you work for tech, you should sign up to get advice, address any concerns you have with the company you work for, or learn more about any legal issues you’re facing. 

4. Triller 

With the unbelievable success of TikTok, it’s no wonder that everyone’s waiting for the next big hit in entertaining social media apps. One of the fiercest competitors for TikTok in 2021 is going to be Triller. 

Triller is similar to TikTok in that they’re both music apps. Triller is more focused on Hip-Hop but you can do several takes of yourself singing and rapping along to different songs. Then the app’s artificial intelligence can pull moments from those clips and create a music video.

Triller also has significant investment from big celebrities like 21 Savage and Snoop Dogg. This particular investment is what’s bringing attention to Triller, especially for music fans.

While Triller doesn’t have the same manual editing that TikTok has, the video editing technology creates more clean looking videos than TikTok. You can also listen to a full track on Triller as opposed to the 15 seconds on TikTok.

5. XO

Dating apps aren’t going anywhere. Not only are they here to stay but so many of them that it’s difficult to keep track! One of the ones you may have seen floating around is XO. 

While other apps rely on you or your match initiating the conversation, XO uses a fun game. This allows you to get to know one another uniquely and naturally. Included in the variety of icebreakers are drawing games and word games. You’ll be sure to find something enjoyable to play.

Once you are done with the game, you have an easy way to go into a conversation.

As far as matching goes, it is similar to other dating apps. There’s a match screen and you can tap a checkmark for anyone you want to meet. There’s also a blind date mode that matches you with a random person

You’ll be able to play a game with your blind date and have your identities revealed after that first game. This allows the usual barricade of physical appearance to come second, something that’s pretty rare for dating apps. 

New Social Media Apps 2021

While it may be difficult to predict what’s going to take off in the world of social media, you can look at the patterns of other successes and see what might be in their footsteps. There’s a variety of new social media apps that you’re sure to enjoy, ranging from new music apps to websites for the business savvy. 

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