NEXT. Assembly: Final Assembly of the Future

Dürr India is one of India’s leading mechanical and engineering firms that provides Final Assembly Systems to systematically manufacture vehicles. 

NEXT.assembly by Dürr India is a one-stop-shop for dispensing effective solutions from preliminary concept planning, consulting, and the execution of separate processes in gluing, filling, and testing technology,conveyor, and assembly.

1.Conveyor technology for the final assembly

The success of the conveyor systems dependsoncontinuous amplification, highest reliability, and low upkeep. Dürr Indiaconveyor systems were designed to give system solutions for the components, pre-assembly, and unit assembly. These are as follows:


ProFleet is the most flexible driverless transport system and offers a broad range of applications adaptable to dynamic market changes. It works for many automotive processes like:

  1. Line feeding
  2. Powertrain assembly
  3. Subframes
  4. Body or complete vehicle assembly
  5. Marriage applications

Overhead Conveyors

These conveyors can be used for various purposes, including:

1.Electric Monorail Systems (EMS)

DürrGroup allocates and builds holders with stroke scissors with a stroke of up to 4.5 m in a wide range of plans, each exclusively adjusted to client needs. This permits you to set up ideal ergonomic conditions for each work cycle and exchange coordination and transport routes inside the processing plant.

2.Vertical Adjustable Carrier (VAC)

DürrGroup VAC is used in nearly all existing plants in the body shop, painting, and final assembly areas. It delivers complete accessibility to the body and canwork in both flow or stop-and-go modes. 

3.Twin Trolley Systems (T.T.S)

T.T.S is the most possible conveyor system used to lift loads in final assembly, paint shops, and body-in-white. It is available in four versions, i.e., T.T.S classic, T.T.S light, T.T.S heavy and inverted T.T.S.

1.Floor Conveyors

Dürr India supplies many floor conveyor systems for:

  1. Skillet platform systems
  2. Roller bed systems
  3. Slat conveyor systems
  4. Plastic link bands

2.Gluing Solutions

In automated gluing, highly viscous substances are used for the indefinite bonding of parts and components of different features. It provides integrated process efficiency for tasks like:

  • Window gluing
  • Gluing of the roof module
  • Gluing roof reinforcement damping’s
  • Gluing of trunk modules
  • Gluing of fuel tanks
  • Gluing of trim parts

Dürr India also offers human-robot collaborations, which brings a host of benefits, including: 

  • Shorter return on investment time
  • Maximum availability and reliability
  • Reduced cycle time due to optimized cell layouts and processes, etc.

3.Assembly Technology

Durr is the pioneer of the automotive future and offers a vast range of products:

Axle setting – core key in the assembly process

Chassis integration

As the unit assembly is the heart of the final assembly, Dürr India provides a systematic fitting and bolting technology and high-performance systems for the intricate fitting of drive and chassis units in the vehicles’ bodies. There are four parts in chassis integration:

  1. Unit assembly
  2. Flex decking
  3. Automatic battery loading station
  4. Subassembly line

Bolting Systems

It is an integral unit in the unit assemblyand includes components such as:

  1. Bolting station x-bolt
  2. Bolting system x-gun
  3. Bolt picking x-elect
  4. Flex bolt automatic bolting system

Virtual Engineering

With the help of virtual engineering, it is now viable to test and check the cycle times, level of automation, process flow and each specification before the actual commissioning.

4.Filling stations made by Somac

Dürr Group is the market leader in Final Assembly Solutions as it installs more than 100 stationsevery year. Its exemplary standardized systems stand out for their certified top-grade technology with the best performance and filling quality.

5.Testing technology

It provides process-oriented solutions and proven top-level testing technology for commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Dürr India has shown remarkable development and advancement in the space of mechanical engineering because of its dependableand prominent innovation and has won the trust of various people and organizations because of its profound understanding of client needs.

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