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PaaS as a tool for app development

According to Gartner, in the following years, the PaaS market will be growing steadily. By 2022, it will reach 216B USD. Platform as a service (PaaS) turns into a suitable model that provides users with convenient tools for app development. PaaS providers host software and hardware on their infrastructure, while users, both developers and companies, develop and run apps easily. An app can be built in the web browser, thus PaaS enables developers to cooperate efficiently regardless of their location. 


5 main pillars of PaaS

1. Development tools

PaaS platforms provide various tools for software development: compiler, debugger, source code editor, etc. In fact, developers have all the needed tools to build an app from scratch. 

PaaS platforms support different programming languages and frameworks – from Ruby to Python. The code can be deployed from the repository on GitHub or GitLab. When developers update the code, the app is re-deployed automatically.

Customization isn’t a must-have to run code. The separate platforms are capable of analyzing and using code automatically, creating containers that are run on Kubernetes clusters.  

Development tools and other solutions included in PaaS platforms reduce time-to-market and simplify infrastructure management. DevOps teams apply PaaS tools for adding any updates while running away from downtime.   

2. Middleware

By using PaaS, developers avoid building middleware because it’s included in the platform functionality. Middleware is a kind of software that represents a translation layer between an OS and the app. Middleware is crucial for running an app, though users do not directly interact with it. Such type of software helps to deal with security authentication, message queues, etc.    

3. Operating systems

PaaS providers give access to the operating system that is required for developers and running of the application.

4. Databases

Databases maintaining and administering are also included in PaaS vendors’ services. The system that allows database management can be an additional tool.   

5. Infrastructure  

Being a part of the big model, PaaS includes everything from the lower level – IaaS. Rooted functionality allows managing servers, physical data centers, and storage. So as a tool for app development PaaS could include different functions: 

  • The framework that helps to develop cloud-based apps with in-built components. Thanks to multi-tenant capabilities, scalability, and a high level of availability, PaaS is convenient for developers.  
  • BI analytics is an additional service included in PaaS. It helps to analyze data, find patterns and insights, and make projections. BI analytics relates to powerful business tools.        
  • Services to manage workflow, directories, security, etc.  

How PaaS benefits app development and other companies

  • Reduces coding time – pre-coded components along with additional tools that help to manage workflow, directories, and security simplify the development process. 
  • New capabilities for app development without any need to expand the team and hire more developers with the required skills.
  • Straightforward development of cross-platform applications – enabled by included options.
  • Affordable tools – companies or separate developers may choose the affordable payment model. By using a pay-as-you-go model they reduce total costs and apply sophisticated development and analytical tools.    
  • Efficient collaboration of distributed teams – developers communicate with each other and work on the projects remotely.       
  • Management of the app lifecycle – PaaS allows performing all tasks included in the web app lifecycle, from building and testing to updating.  

7 sought-after PaaS for app development 

1. Google App Engine

2. DO app Platform

3. Appfleet


5. Jelastic

6. Azure App Service

7. Heroku Platform

If you’re interested in mobile or web app development through the use of PaaS or other tools, feel free to contact CyberCraft. Our software development company provides clients with top-notch services, managing all stages of the process and working on the business logic.     

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