Paymaster brings good news to Zimbabwe.

With all the financial instability Zimbabwe is facing. The Covid-19 pandemic has done no good other than more harm to the majority of Zimbabweans. The lockdown restrictions have been imposed and they have disrupted border crossers and imports making life more miserable. And Paymaster brings good news to Zimbabwe in the middle of chaos.Because of Paymaster. You can now send money, buy airtime, pay school fees, pay water bills, DSTV for your beloved ones in Zimbabwe while you are abroad.

You can also send money to South Africa from Zimbabwe or from anywhere in the world. Be it fees or utility bills for your loved ones in South Africa.

A lot of Zimbabweans have been using illegal means to send money to South Africa from Zimbabwe. Now you can send money to South Africa instantly.

Paymaster seems to be a breakthrough as it allows Zimbabweans in the diaspora to send money from anywhere in the world.

Zimbabwe closed its borders due to covid-19. And that resulted in people having challenges crossing the Limpopo border going back home.

I have heard a lot of excuses from Zimbabweans living abroad. Some excuses included as follows:

1. There is nowhere I can buy Zim airtime here.

2. I will send money in 3 months when Nhamo is coming home.

3. I had given Nhamo money to bring money for fees but he is no longer coming.

4. I am coming in June / December, that’s when I will bring the money for seeds.

Paymaster payment platform is for every Zimbabwean.

How to buy airtime in Zimbabwe?

1. On their website click transact

2. Choose buy, then airtime, and under airtime choose Zimbabwe.

3. Choose network

4. Choose a voucher

5. Click Add to cart

6. Enter your details & recipient number

7. Checkout & pay

8. Recipient receives airtime voucher and the payer receives a confirmation

The process remains easy even with paying electricity bills and ZINWA bills etc.

Sending requests

People can send unlimited requests via WhatsApp on For your beloved ones to send you money, airtime, fees, etc

Registering as an agent on Paymaster

You can also register to be a paymaster agent and earn money on commission.

Paymaster is surely good news to Zimbabwe in the middle of this pandemic.

Murtaza Ali

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