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3 PDFBear Tools That You Can Use To Save Some Digital Space

When trying to save some storage space on your device, deleting some files and applications may not be enough. Most of the time, your digital files are the ones taking too much space. But let’s be honest, of course, there are still files that you are going to need on your device. Therefore, aside from doing a purge on your files, you can reduce their size. This is possible with a few clicks thanks to PDFBear. The key to your dilemma is converting some of your files and compressing them. Here is how you do it. 

What is PDFBear, and how can it help me save storage? 

Before we go to the concrete steps on how to convert and compress your files, let’s talk about this awesome web-based tool first. If you are familiar with how Adobe Reader works, then PDFBear functions similarly but better! You can use this website in converting PPT to PDF, view, edit, optimize, e-Sign, secure, watermark, and repair your files. To be specific, there are 25 tools that you can use without spending a dime or enrolling an account. All the tools are also compatible using any device. 

 The website is also supported by OCR, which means that you can translate the webpage into more than 20 languages. No wonder that PDFBear is the most trusted and reliable PDF tool around the globe. 

Aside from its practical use, you can surprisingly take advantage of PDFBear’s tools to save space. 

Convert PPT to PDF

Powerpoint is the only file format that lets you put videos, photos, graphics, texts, and animations in one slideshow presentation. And with this, it is no doubt that a single PPT file can occupy around 1 GB of storage on average. The solution to reducing the file size is converting it to PDF. With PDFBear, converting files has never been easier. Thanks to its advanced technology, the quality of your PPT slides will remain the same even after the conversion. 

Aside from saving digital space, sharing your presentations in PDF form will be easier. You will not face a problem whenever you send the document over email. Though almost everyone who works with computers knows that PPT is a pretty common file format, not all devices support it. 

To start the conversion, go to PDFBear and look for the PPT to PDF tool. Upload the file that you want to convert. The upload time will depend on the file size, but it usually takes less than a minute. Once the file is in the server, click convert and wait for the website to do its magic. After a few seconds, a newly converted presentation file should be available for you to download. 

Compiling your photos into a single PDF file 

Aside from Powerpoint presentations, other file formats occupy a lot of your digital space. Images on your device usually take 300 MB per file. If you are someone who loves to store memories, then you probably have hundreds of them on your device. While it is understandable that we all have photos that we can’t let go of, backing them up in your device is not always a viable solution. It may even slow down our device. So before you upload them into your cloud storage, you can organize them first into a single PDF file. 

Using PDFBear’s conversion tool, you can put all your images, whether they are in JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and PBM format, into a single file. The website also supports multi-image uploads, so you can drag your images into the server and rearrange them according to your preferred order. 

To start creating your digital album, look for the PDF converter tool, then upload all the images that you want to appear in your file. Rearrange the file, then click convert when you are satisfied with the position of each image. Click convert, then wait for the conversion to happen! In less than a minute, you should be able to download your digital gallery. 

Compressing your files

This is the no-brainer solution when it comes to downsizing your digital documents. But sadly, not everyone is familiar with this tool. So how does this tool exactly work? Say you have a file that is around 1 GB in size. Using PDFBear’s compressor tool, you will be able to reduce that 1 GB by up to 70% of its original size! However, this tool will not affect the quality of your files even after compressing them. Compared to other websites, the biggest tradeoff of compressing your files is how much the quality of the file will be affected. But thanks to PDFBear’s advanced technology, you will not have to sacrifice anything! 

To start compressing your files, upload them to the Compress PDF tool. Click compress, then download the newly compressed document. It only takes four clicks for the whole process. 

Organize your digital space with PDFBear

Now that you have learned about these hacks, go ahead and try them out for free! You can access this website using any device, as long as you have an internet connection. Bookmark this article so you can follow along with the directions for when you start organizing your digital space!

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