PDFBear Web Tools: Your Online Platform in Handling Your Electronic Files

When you have the right tools to help you deal with your electronic files, it’ll be so much easier and convenient to employ effective file management. Otherwise, even the simple process of converting your files to other formats can be extremely challenging, especially when you don’t have the skills to do so. 

However, technology continues to develop in response to the current people’s needs. Thus, many websites become widespread to help those who struggle with their electronic files by giving out free tools and services.  

One of these popular sites is PDFBear that also comes with various file tools and free technical assistance. Here are some of the PDFBear web tools below and explore how this platform can help handle your electronic files most efficiently. 

File Conversion Tool Online

The file converter of PDFBear will transform your files into other formats. Hence, you can convert PDF to PNG online if you wish to use the PDF as the resource material to complete a task. You can also transform Excel, PowerPoint, and Word into PDF to have more reliable and fixed copies.

There are still other available files you can process for conversion, and you can visit the PDFBear website to check for that. As previously mentioned, converting your files to other file formats can be very difficult to accomplish, especially if there’s no file tool at hand. Don’t worry because there’s an online tool from PDFBear to help you complete this task for absolutely free. You only have to access the PDFBear website and get your files uploaded on its online tool.

After that, you have to wait for a couple of minutes as the tool starts scanning your files and converting them to a format you want. When you can see on your screen that it’s done, the converted files are now ready for downloads, and you can save them right away in your smartphone or computer file drive.

PDF File Merger Online

Organizing your electronic files would mean a lot of hard work for you, but those skillful ones find it a piece of cake. That’s why PDFBear offers its PDF file merger tool to the public to make their organization file tasks trouble-free and straightforward. This online tool will merge multiple PDF documents, making them one PDF file. 

Hence, if you have PDFs that you mainly utilize for business, work, school, or leisure, you can combine these files separately. By doing so, you can classify each of your PDF files and put them in a category accordingly. The primary purpose of using this PDF merger of PDFBear is to help you organize your computer file folders or smartphone in an orderly manner. 

With this, you’ll find it easy to look for a specific PDF file you need because you’ll know what folder to access and which merged files to search for it. That’s one of the benefits you’ll get from using the PDF merger of PDFBear for your PDF files. 

PDF eSign Tool

Since adding a signature to your PDF files seems to be infeasible, you’ll badly need the PDF eSign tool of PDFBear. You all might know that some documents need to have a signature to be credible, authentic, and valid for any legality purposes. Don’t worry because the PDF eSign tool of PDFBear is always accessible on its website.

Like the other PDFBear online tools, you also have to upload your PDF files on its official website. You can then manually write your signature on these files using the laptop’s touchpad or the computer mouse. Besides that, if you have an image form of your signature, you can also upload it on the eSign tool. 

After that, the system will save the changes you’ve added to your PDF files, and within a couple of minutes, you can download and save the newly signed PDF files in your file storage. Hence, you’ll surely appreciate the quick process of signing your PDF files using the PDFBear online tool. 

PDF Protect

PDF files with important data and confidential information must have enough protection from any possibility of unpermitted access and unwanted use of data. Because of this, your PDF files might be at risk. Surely, you don’t want it to happen to your files in the future. Hence, you have to activate a secure password for these PDFs as the best solution. 

Don’t worry because you can get the PDF protection tool of PDFBear completely free on its website. Just visit the PDFBear official site, access the tool, and get your PDF files uploaded online. After that, you have to create a password and personalize it by combining different characters, such as numerals, small and capital letters, and other symbols you want. 

After the tool has finally saved the password you’ve provided, you can now download the newly encrypted PDF files on your smartphone and computer. Hence, your PDF files are now safe from people who want to access and use them without authorization moving forward.  


Managing tons of electronic files to accomplish different tasks and projects and organizing them in an orderly manner can be challenging and might cause you stress and frustration. However, with enough knowledge and the use of the right tools, you can do it with ease and convenience. Hence, when you encounter any difficulties in handling your electronic files in the future, don’t hesitate to visit the PDFBear website and allow its tools to help you.

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