Pet Tech for 2022

If you love technology and have a gadget for anything possible, you might not be surprised to learn that you can get your hands on some creations that can make your and your pet’s life 10 times easier!

While a smartphone for a kitten has not been invented yet, there have been some pretty great developments that are worth taking a look at.

This piece will guide you through some of the great gadgets on the market for 2022.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This nifty piece of equipment is brilliant for those who do not want to faff around with their cat’s poop and would prefer that to be one of the tasks taken off their hands.

A self-cleaning litter box works as a regular litter box. Apart from there is an automatic raking system that turns off after your cat has done their business. The waste is swept into a compartment that is covered and then just requires you to put it in the trash. This is a great option for those who want to keep their house smelling clean and fresh.

Some will also inform you how many times your cat has used the litter box so you can detect any abnormalities.

Pet Monitors

Pet monitors are great for pet owners who want to keep an eye on their pet. This could be anything from checking how much physical activity they have done in the day, how much they have eaten, and how well they have slept. Pet monitors can provide all of this data and more and can also give you customized health reports on your pet too. If you spot something out of the ordinary or are concerned about their health, you can take this data to a trusted vet, such as this veterinary in Frisco TX. This way, your pet can get checked over to make sure they are in good health or get the treatment they need, and this data could help speed up the process.

Smart Pet Doors

Welcome to the world where you can give your pet a key to the door.

Pet doors are nothing new, but sometimes what comes through them can be. Installing a smart pet door not only means you can control when it opens or closes, but you can also sync up the door with your pet’s chip data or another smart device, meaning the door will only open when they are near. This can help stop any unwanted visitors from entering your house and can also stop your pets from escaping when they are supposed to be inside!

Smart Food Dispenser

No one wants their pets to go hungry throughout the day, but if you are a parent to a little devil that cannot ration their food intake, you might find a smart food dispenser very beneficial. Either set pre-recorded times to dispense their lunch or control it from your smartphone remotely wherever you are. This ensures your pet gets the proper nutrition at the right time!

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