PRINCE2 Project Management – The Five Best Ways to Review

Planning, organizing and controlling

The manager decides;

a) the time needed to complete a task or project;

b) where the task or project leads the organization;

c) the scope or objective of a task or project

d) the needs of the organization.

More abstract forms of planning include:

a) strategically, with a long-term view, for which there are alternatives.

b) cyclically, to meet certain criteria.

c) watch-doo, or under-stretch, a traditional or alternative approach.

d) periodic, with a view to finding a resolution to a temporary problem.

Critical thoughts on management

Projects are about action, not productivity, this action is a collection of tasks, many of which will emerge uniquely. Planning is focused around the natural pattern for action in projects, the action is a collection of tasks with alternatives, sometimes limited. Management, on the other hand, is defined as the process of integrating activities, as well as the range of alternatives, and directing activities. As you would find on a prince2 training course providers.

True projects remove [inaudibles] from activities

project management is the dynamic process of integrating and directing activities and their sorts and not the process of waiting, hoping, and otherwise getting thrilled about what is happening.

Functions of management

Management has three functions.

(1) to determine strategic gaps as opportunities and risks,

(2) to manage the deliverables so as to meet strategic targets or realities;

(3) to ensure that management is vigilant to possible dangers.

Project management and procrastination

The project itself is only one of the necessary functions of management.  It is part of the direct process leading to complete activities. In black-and-white terms, the project can be impaired or exploit opportunities by the procrastination and inadequate planning of the other functions of management. When the underlying environmental parameters identify a need for project management, then the activity itself becomes the appropriate management function. The plan contained in the plan must meet the requirements of the project and not the other functions. Learn more about project management here.

Project management involves the factors of quality, time and cost.

PRINCE and the PM software have been derived from readable and understandable process models for PoorStatus. You can find more articles here.

Project management requires at least the following components:

There are seven main steps in project management.

The five best ways to review the progress of a project:

Scope definition.

Limited and specific requirements.

Project initiation.

Project plan development.

Project launch.

Project closure.

The best way to complete this agenda is to ask, “If I had to start over, what would I do differently?” I.e., the best way way to make sure you are making ‘good’ changes.

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