Promote Your Music Independently and become a self-made artist

Independent musicians and artists have more opportunities than ever before, without the backing of a big budget. Music promotion is a game of your connections and ways you adapt to do it.  

Many unsigned artists are breaking through their backs, many promising and upcoming musicians don’t know where to start or maintain a successful promotional campaign of their records, so that fans can download app like MP3 and listen to your streams. 

Here are some handy tips:  

1. How to promote music in 2021? 

First and foremost, making great music should be your primary focus. Follow all the advice but remember if your track, EP or album isn’t well-written or professionally recorded and produced, you will lose the first hurdle of the race. Get all your ducks in a row and move to the next step.   

2. Build your website & mailing list 

Creating a smooth and professional website and make your online presence important. Building a large & dedicated mailing list is the key. 

To make your website look more authentic, include links to your music, bios, images and tour dates along with mailing list and signup form. Experts say Email marketing offers direct access to the inboxes. Bingo! Here is the way to direct land to your contact’s inboxes.   

3. Increase your social media presence 

The promotional power of social media is something every individual is aware of. Develop and maintaining a consistent strategy and post on all your social media: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and Snapchat. Keep your profile handles consistent and try to put the same content across channels so that your fans can relate with them.   

4. Stream link your playlists 

Share all your Playlists across Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and other music streaming platforms. It will help you reach hundreds of millions of listeners across the globe. It also gets you royalty earnings in your pocket. 

5. Get press releases & blog coverages 

If you start getting your music featured by many music publications, whether mainstream mags or webzines. It will make your publications more powerful and those placements can help to build your profile and up you in your music career.   

Follow the above tips and kickstart your music career. And if you are in need of help to launching your career or promoting your next release, submit a song hassle-free on GrooveNexus. Our PR team will reach out to you shortly.   

For many music artists, marketing can seem challenging. Music is an art. For some, it is personal and emotional efforts that are applied and promoted, which seems a bit difficult and tricky or too businessy. But, the fact of the matter is if you are an artist or in music production, you have to sell it to market. Marketing is imbued into almost everything you do for your music (your brand, your song style, mood and energy, consistency, words you use and way you represent it to the TGs). Also, creating something interesting for your new fans and make them like when they come across your music online.  

So, at the end of the day, if you want to be in charge of yourself or do you want to let the record labels’ executives deal with your creations? When you answer mostly in the former, you are more likely to become a self-sufficient artist for the long run. With so many marketing strategies for musicians, it is best to take up the best and go ahead with it.  

One extremely effective strategy to engage with your fanbase is to build a community that feels exclusive in all aspects. Start doing it with the email list you have created, by using a subscription-based platform, and in many other ways. Select offers content, make a sneak-peeks of new music and run stories around limited merchandise. Fans appreciate being a part of your community, and you get benefits from their loyalty and support.   

Another great way to drive fan acquisitions and engagement is by building a genuine connection with supporters and fans. Reward superfans by putting a gesture post on Social media and by tagging their handles. This seems easier than done. But make sure you make it part of your daily or weekly social media strategy. Start comparing your post’s engagements via posts and see what works over time. In the meanwhile, take that time out to learn about your fans, their likings and find out what they love to see in your posts and where they’re based. Ask them their preferences and what they look forward to, respond to their comments, enagage with them on posts whenever possible.  

Speaking about all of the above, did we miss any skills you think are essential for the musicians today? Comment us your suggestions below. 

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