Pros and Cons of Having a Tutor

Hiring tutors is becoming more and more popular among students. It seems like schools demand an increasing amount of work from their students, and they can’t always manage it all by themselves. So, there is no wonder that the tutoring business is growing every day. Yet, hiring a specialist for yourself or your child can be a difficult decision. How do you know that you actually need professional help? When do you draw a line and think that you can’t manage it alone? How to choose a good one? There are so many questions in regards to having a tutor. Let’s see some of the pros and cons of studying with a personal tutor to help you make up your mind about it.

Pros: Additional help

Sometimes teachers at school are simply not so great. Sometimes, you or your child may have got behind due to some personal reasons. Often, we simply need a bit more time to grasp some new concepts. Overall, there are many reasons to get a tutor since they all provide you with additional help with your studies. Feeling like you have a backup plan and someone who can help you is great. Such a feeling can make students more confident in their abilities and prevent them from falling into despair.

Cons: Cost

Of course, additional classes with a personal tutor may also come at a high price. Cost can be a determining factor why some people are rather reluctant to hire a tutor even when they need one. Another thing here is to develop a study plan that you can afford. For instance, is there much sense in hiring a tutor once a week when you really need more classes than that? Can you study alone? Also, how to know that you are paying the right tutor? You don’t always know what you are getting when hiring specialists you’ve never met. It can be a while since you’ll notice that their teaching techniques or skills are not a good match for your needs.

Pros: Individual learning approach

On the bright side, good tutors should be skilled at finding the right study approaches for each of their students. Sometimes, choosing the right approach can be a real game-changer. All people learn differently. Some are better at listening. Others prefer writing down notes, etc. Many students feel shocked when realizing how much such approaches and techniques can impact their study abilities. Indeed, often it’s not about them, but the methods of education students are exposed to. A good tutor will always find the best personal approach to reveal the full student’s potential.

Cons: Extra efforts and time

Of course, extra hours with a tutor will take up some of your personal time. Thus, you may have fewer opportunities to hang out with friends and engage in some of your hobbies. You have to be ready to make some sacrifices before hiring a tutor. After all, it means that you will have to reschedule your week and make room for a few extra study hours. It can be rather upsetting, especially for young children. However, the faster one will start to show progress, the sooner they may have their free hours back. So it can be a good motivation for kids to study harder.

Pros: Personal approach

Teachers at schools and colleges don’t often have much of an opportunity to find one-on-one time with each of their students. However, the tutors do have such luxury. A personal approach and such close attention will help to analyze a child’s abilities and learning issues. So, it is easier to address them further on. Besides, a tutor can notice the strengths and weaknesses of a child and use them to the student’s advantage.

Additionally, emotions are character traits that also play a big role in one’s ability to learn. For example, sometimes children are quick to get frustrated with themselves after a single mistake. A tutor can help a child to overcome such patterns with a boost of confidence. In other cases, kids get bored rather soon and stop listening. So it is a tutor’s job to make lessons engaging and captivating to maintain students’ attention. Also, a specialist can find the proper pace for students to study, which can significantly improve one’s learning experience.

Cons: Trust

Humans are very suspicious creatures by nature. It can be hard for us strangers who are trying to teach us something. One thing is to learn at school, an official educational institution. The whole other thing is to find strangers online and entrust them with the future of your education. The lack of trust can be a big obstacle in the given setting. For instance, not much work can be done unless a student learns to accept the tutor’s skills and knowledge in the field. That is also why many students would rather prefer sites like for academic help. At least such sites have plenty of reviews and ratings online to know they are trustworthy.

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