Question Paper-based Preparations for NEET

With NEET notification making its way around the internet, it is important to know more about the exam. Every year, lakhs of medical aspirants register for this exam with the aim of getting admission into the top-tier medical institutions in India. This year, NEET will happen on 17 July 2022 (Sunday). It is a 200-minute duration exam that happens offline. Candidates have to attempt 180 MCQs in that 200 minute duration. The question paper involves Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics subjects, and the syllabus solely deals with NCERT. This ensures uniformity across the nation. Also, it is a transparent and efficient test that is mandatory to pursue medical courses across India. Here, let’s analyse more about the upcoming NEET exam in this article.

Things to Know about NEET

This common entrance test happens in 543 Indian cities and in 13 languages. Also, 14 overseas exam centres have been allocated. NTA released the NEET 2022 admit card on July 12. Typically the exam venue, timing and other exam-related details are provided on this admit card. Also, it is mandatory to reach the exam venue at least an hour before the exam.

The test is organised into different subject codes. The question paper is given in four sets, to be specific, M, N, O, and P. Each set is additionally partitioned into six subsets, with codes like M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 and M6. Each subset comprises the same questions; however, the order of questions varies. Candidates must practise solving these papers to ace the exam with flying colours.

Previous Years’ Question Papers

Candidates should rehearse well to work on their speed and oversee time. There are over hundreds of topics and concepts to be covered for this exam. Sometimes it becomes a monotonous task to finish the whole syllabus in an organised way. Thus, a highly focused and organised study plan is vital. Rehearsing earlier years’ question papers is one of the most amazing ways of planning for NEET. This will ensure equal concentration on all four subjects. It is always advisable to have at least past years’ question papers for practice.

Just solving papers won’t be of any help. A proper strategy has to be followed to make the best use of those question papers. The previous NEET question paper with answers can be downloaded from any website. Let’s further discuss some tips and tricks on how to prepare for this exam with the help of question papers.

How to Prepare Using Question Papers?

The first and foremost thing is to go with reliable sources. The official question papers and answer keys from NTA are more reliable than any other sources. Download all these papers and have your NCERTs by your side before starting preparations.

  • Set a time limit and solve questions within the time period. Try not to get distracted for those 200 minutes.
  • While checking answers, go for the discussion/explanation related to that question. Make notes of important points from that discussion. This ensures that there are no further errors made from that particular concept.
  • It is also important to analyse your strong and weak areas and classify them accordingly. Try working on weak areas as and when possible. This will invariably elevate your performance.
  • Try to have at least two or three mock tests in a week. Set a target of 600 plus marks and try hard to achieve it. Also, make sure that your scores are gradually increasing after every assessment.
  • The chances of questions getting repeated every year are feeble. The main purpose of solving previous questions is to analyse the pattern. Understand the types of questions asked from each concept and curate your own questions accordingly.

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