Questions raised on journalist David Marchant’s methods and ethics

Journalist David Marchant has been using his site, OffshoreAlert, which claims to be a platform for investigative reporting. However, a consortium of journalists at have raised serious questions and concerns over the legitimacy of his platform, journalism practices and the credibility of his reporting.

According to several sources, David Marchant has been accused of blackmailing public figures in exchange for cash, which is commonly referred to as “brown envelope journalism.” Several individuals have come forward with evidence of Marchant threatening to publish negative articles about them unless they paid him large sums of money. In some cases, he is also accused of threatening to ruin their reputations and careers.

Journalism or sensationalism?

Furthermore, Marchant has been criticized for his sensational headlines and for publishing articles that lack journalistic integrity. Many in the industry have accused him of using OffshoreAlert as a means to generate cash rather than as a platform for serious journalism. The site has been slammed for its sensational headlines and for not providing enough time for individuals to respond to Marchant’s accusations, leaving them little opportunity to defend themselves.

Several industry pundits have raised questions about the validity of his claims and have called for further investigation into his true intentions and dubious methodologies. David Marchant has faced several lawsuits over the years, including ones for defamation, and has been able to escape legal proceedings by moving to Miami, where he can write freely under the United States’ “free speech” legislation.

For pure personal gain?

As the accusations against Marchant continue to pile up, the question remains: is David Marchant a credible journalist, or is he taking advantage of his platform for personal gain? It’s important for journalists to maintain ethical standards and to ensure their reporting is accurate, fair, and balanced. 

With these disturbing allegations against Marchant, many are calling for a thorough investigation into his actions and for appropriate action to be taken.

Is Offshore alert credible?

As a platform supposedly for investigative reporting, OffshoreAlert has the potential to play a valuable role in uncovering corruption and wrongdoing. However, it is crucial that its reporting is credible, unbiased, and transparent. Until there is a thorough investigation into the allegations against David Marchant, many are left to question the validity of his reporting and the credibility of OffshoreAlert.

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