Reasons Your Garage Doors Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

Garage doors are a tricky business for homeowners as not everyone is qualified enough to look at one and make an assumption as to what is wrong with it. Many workers deal in custom garage doors in Oregon that can help you out with the problem but most of the time the problems are not even big enough to seek professional attention. Garage doors are a very complex type of machinery and often require maintenance and weekly checkups to make sure that everything seems to be in its place. Here are the top reasons as to why your garage door might not be working and how to fix it:

The Transmitter batteries are dead

The most common and easy fix for the reason for your garage door not working is that your transmitter’s batteries may be dead. If this is so, the transmitter will not be able to send a signal to your garage door to open itself. You first need to check if the transmitter is working by trying to open the door a few times with it. If it doesn’t, then the transmitter simply needs a battery replacement. They can run out of battery very fast under extreme conditions but that does not mean that the door can’t be fixed.

Your photo-eye is out of alignment

Your photo-eye is a beam that uses sensors to detect if anything is present between the garage entrances and then prevent the door from closing. This can help you out in the long run and often save children from bad accidents. If your photo eye’s alignment is out of order then you need to take out the time to clean it thoroughly. The sensors in it are much like that of a camera lens and need to be cleaned very properly from time to time. Check the alignment to see that the eyes are pointing in the right direction and measure the height from the ground to confirm that.

The track is not aligned properly

If your garage door’s track is not aligned properly, that can be a serious issue. The metal track needs to be aligned as accurately as possible for your door to move properly. If you see gaps between the rollers and the rails, or the rails are bending, then you might have to get it checked by a professional for additional serious issues. If the track in your door is misaligned and the door still manages to move, there are still a few things that you can manage to attempt for remedying your situation but we recommend that you get professional help.

The springs are broken

If your garage door is not going up on using the transmitter but you have made sure that your transmitters are working fine, then it is probably an issue with your torsion springs. Whenever a spring breaks, you will hear a very loud bang from inside your garage, much like hearing a firecracker. Once your spring has broken, do not try to open the heavy door until a professional comes and identifies the problem in a more prominent and specific manner for you. Since springs can only be used in a door for a certain amount of time, your door will require immediate repairing and the springs will be replaced by a professional.


There may be other issues with the door like the disconnect switch being enabled, messed up limit settings, the door path is blocked, the tension spring cables being broken, the transmitter being broken, and many more possibilities. A garage door can have several problems with it as it is a very heavy piece of machinery that requires immediate attention and repair once something starts to go south. We recommend that you reach out to a professional that deals in custom garage doors in Oregon and have him check out the problem for you to be one hundred percent sure that the problem is not something major.

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