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How many Locksmiths Average Cost to Rekey Locks in 2021?

Most of you would agree that getting locked out of a car, home, or office is an emergency that halts your routine and frustrates you. Hence, in this situation, you need a locksmith as he will help you with this sort of crisis. They also install new deadbolts and locks to provide you with home safety. This way they will be able to safeguard your loved ones and your belongings. Moreover, people often call a locksmith to rekey their home or auto as well as to replace lost keys.

The locksmiths do multiple tasks like install or replace current lock systems and re-key locks for new homes. Moreover, they repair broken door locks, add new locks and help the residents to get in who are locked out. The professional locksmiths are available for emergencies or even roadside assistance. Whether you have issues in a car, home, business, or commercial space they will be available to assist you. Let’s have a look at the average cost they make to rekey locks.

Cost to Rekey A Car Lock

Rekeying has many different factors that influence cost. However, on average cost to Rekey Locks ranges from $50-$250. Maybe you lost your keys in the car or lost them, or your key might have been broken due to an unfortunate event. Or even worse, someone might steal your keys, so with a stolen key, you might want to replace them so that you would be able to save your car from being stolen eventually. However, simply rekeying a lock may cost $35 to $55 on average. 

The door lock replacement ranges between $50 to $150. Moreover, if you want the transponder key program in your car then it will cost $50 to $200 on average. If your car requires the rekey of ignition then the locksmith may charge $60 to $100.  Furthermore, if you move toward advanced rekeying that includes keypad lock replacement it will cost $150 to $450. However, if you want to replace the transponder key then on average you would have to pay $70 to $200. The car key replacement ranges from $75 to $250 and for car lockout, a locksmith may charge $80 to $150.

Thus, rekeying cars can get you as many keys as you want and it would be less expensive than changing the locks. Moreover, by changing the locks you can get a brand-new lock with a new warranty. This way you would be able to choose a different style, color, and electronic lock.

Cost to Rekey A House Lock

Some various problems and factors increase or decrease the Cost to Rekey Locks. Therefore, costs range from replacing the lock entirely to opening a locked home for residents. Moreover, there is a certain type of lock that affects the price such as safety deposit boxes, rear sliding doors, and garage doors that become inoperable when you lose your keys. Hence, the lost keys leave you helpless on your own. Luckily, locksmiths are there to get you through these situations. They would reposition the pins in your old lock and make a new key for you.

As car rekeying, the cost of house rekey also depends on various factors. Thus, the charges for simple house key replacement are $4 to $10. For him to open, the locksmith will charge you $6 to $12 and if you have unfortunately broken off the key in the lock then it will cost $14 to $20. Similarly, if there is a key stuck in the lock then you would have to pay $14 to $20 on average. The safe deposit lock repair and tabular lock repine costs $30 to $40. Moreover, if you have high security and the best type IC cylinder repine then it can cost you between $25 to $35. 

If you install new locks in your home it would be more secure if someone has moved out and it is the best option if the key is lost. Moreover, the latest and current style may match your home.


It is a fact that anyone might need an emergency locksmith at one time or another. Maybe you are locked out of your house because you lost your keys after a late-night visit from somewhere, or you may accidentally lock your keys in the car. Therefore, you would expect locksmith emergency prices hence, you must know the cost you have to pay. In emergency cases, you must have to pay an additional $20 to $50.

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