Rey Rey Rodriguez, The Famous Underground Photographer, Helping Others Get Famous

Rey Rey Rodriguez is an American photographer, visual artist, and entrepreneur.  His fame is known worldwide for his celebrity, street, dark, fetish, portrait, and combat sports photography. His dark artistic style is inspired by his dark childhood memories, life experiences, and surroundings, allowing him through his camera, to capture the essence of human emotions like pain, despair, lust, and anger.

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, South Florida raised artist dominated the South Florida art scene with his gripping and shock-filled images. The criticism he received regarding his non-orthodox and/or overly graphic style, only motivated him to release artwork that was more appalling to his “haters.” Whether the press he received was positive or negative, Rodriguez welcomed it all as free exposure.

The visual artist gained the attention of other people within communities that also received bad publicity regularly. Soon local outcasts, street fighters, gang members, fraternities, sororities, ravers, fetish models, and many more came to Rodriguez to be their personal and private event photographer.

By 2018, Rodriguez, now known as the “Underground Photography King” had gained national online attention as his artwork spread throughout the Internet on social media sites and forums. Celebrities, athletes, agents, activists, politicians, and public figures of all sorts perused him for the chance of appearing in one of his photoshoots.

With increasing popularity he brought his aggressive style into the world of combat sports, (MMA), Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), and horror photography, revolutionizing those industries by combining fine-art photography and photojournalism.

Today, the master photographer continues to impress the world with his artwork, but he also has a new mission. As the founder of The Mind of Rey Rey ®, Rodriguez helps companies, artists, public figures and others grow their brand. Through creative, digital, influencer, and other methods of marketing, the company helps to spread the word properly. “With proper marketing, I managed to easily outshine and gain notoriety over my competition. With the experience, I’ve gained and the team I have around me, I’m doing the same for others.”

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