Role of the contractor quantity surveyor

When a Quantity Surveyor works as a contactor’s or builder’s quantity surveyor they maintain a relationship with the client, subcontractor, supplier of the project for discussing plans and quantity materials, materials and maintaining costs, improvement of new strategies, and keeping track of materials and ordering more when required. In different areas of a project maintaining and establishing professional relationships ensure value for the client’s money.

Tendering –

Before any project, tendering is a backdrop when the client and other parties need to find a favorable scheme. In this process builders are required to provide quotes for projects. If their quote is successful and wins the project can start working along with the initial budget and plans. Making tender documents and another submission of documents did a quantity surveyor.

Quantity take-off

No matter it is personal building, educational or business construction site company or owner hired a Quantity Surveyor mainly estimate /control cost and contractual relationships. Meanwhile, the client’s team will provide the builder with design drawings and specifications, the QS will be required to do a quantity take-off.

To start the project the QS will be tasked with analyzing plan, design, and architecture drawing and producing a product list of items and further activities to complete it before timeline and less than predetermined cost.

Estimating –

A Quantity Surveyor involved and controlled material cost to payments even uncertain changes in design and updating budget. Clients rely on their estimating to keep the project on track. Once the bill of quantities would be passed onto the estimator who use it to gain market pricing for the things which will need to complete the project. To do this liaising with various parties is also an important part of this.

Contracts administration –

In modern years professional contracts maintaining is an essential role of a Quantity Surveyor. After winning the project successfully by the builder a quantity surveyor moved to the new role as contract administrator to help find the best option for his clients.

Final accounts –

From helping to make a tender document to ensure the project meet legal and quality standards a Quantity Surveyor prepares reports, analyses, contacts, budget, risk assessment, and other documentation to be successful in the project. And once the construction has come to complete, the final account will be produced, discussed, and settled to apply on work.

Project management –

Quantity Surveyor has an educational background and excellent work experience through the individual projects have own design, require and working scheme, that help to become his efficient. To manage, any construction or other industries project the QS role as a project manager at the period of running work.

The tasks of a Quantity Surveyor vary in a contractor’s surveyor whether he is in an office or construction site to visit. It depends on with whom they’re working and which type of matter is tackling. Usually, they spend most of the time in the office and occasionally visit on-site to produce practical designs for construction projects evaluating estimated quantities, costs, and time scales for material and labor.


To allocate work to subcontractors and others or advice as a contractor’s quantity surveyor he needs to deal with different parties all day long. Through his busy schedule, he involved meeting deadlines for work which is essential to run and complete the business smoothly.

To deal with the client and the working parties such as subcontractors and suppliers is also expected for any project. During the working time, the QS wears smart-casual dressing or different site cloth with hats per task need.

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