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Have you ever wondered why some individuals have sculpted toned and visible muscles while others carry some amount of flab? These variations are based on several factors. How and how much you work out effects the appearance of the body. For example, resistance training helps muscles to grow. Muscle mass is required to be build and this results in making muscles defined.

Your muscles may be very strong but the appearance deciding factor is fat store under the covering. Factors like diet and calories that are burnt influence this type of fat. All of us have six-pack abs. If you cannot see them if abdominal fat wraps them up. Other deciding factor is the genetics. We all have messenger genes from birth. Some people inherently store more fat, burn more calories or build more muscles quickly. For instance, if two people do the exact workouts and eat the same diet the results will still be varying because of genes. Gym alone is unlikely to get results you are aiming to achieve.  If you set your goals with right types of workouts and rest for body, you may get your dream body. 

Set goals that are achievable for your body. Take the help of instructors, coaches, doctors to obtain your goal. Convey your time limitation to them as well. If for example your body type requires daily exercise for half an hour, but you do it twice a week then results will not be visible.  The realistic weight loss goal is one to two pounds every week. Set intermediary goals as well.

Resistance training promotes muscles to grow and define shape. However, cardiovascular exercises to burn calories so that extra layers of fat which is cushioned between the muscles and the skin gets a push. Current fitness and body type will be the deciding factor for training. With passage of time you should be able to see the change. 

Ensure that the exercise is done in the right manner to achieve results. The three phases of strengthening exercises includes lengthening the muscle will help elastic energy stored for third phase. The second phase is the pause. This is followed by third phase of shortening the muscle when the stored energy is used. Faithfully follow all the phase. 

The workout should challenge you. However, do not overdo as you may get sores and walking will become difficult. Some soreness is indication that muscles are growing. The way muscles are fatigued depends on the type of resistance training.  You may be wanting to know when results will be visible. The results become visible after few weeks to months depending on your target. The posture becomes better and muscles more toned. The muscles grow three to four months after gym exercises are done. 

The gym owners take all steps to keep the gym safe that is why rubberized surface of gym are maintained. Rubber gym flooring is very popular. These are lasting, shock absorbent, affordable, easy to install, weather resistant, eco-friendly slip resistant, and easy to clean.  The choice can be between interlocking tiles, and straight tiles. Interlocking tiles are easy to install. 

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