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Samsung sending strange notification with a “1”

Samsung sending strange notification with a “1”. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, there is a chance that you have received a mysterious notification from the company. This alert reads “1” followed by another “1” below it.

It is reported this morning that some people have received the notification and that touching the alert does nothing more than close it.

Samsung sending strange notification with a "1"

The Find My Mobile service allows Samsung device owners to remotely locate or block their phone or tablet, back up data stored on devices to the Samsung Cloud, delete local data, and block access to Samsung Pay.

Many of you may remember that this is not the first time something like this has happened. Last year it was the OnePlus device that accidentally sent their users a series of incomprehensible texts with Chinese characters. At that time, it turned out to be an internal test failure for a software update.

This could also be the case for Samsung. Or maybe behind that “1” there is a conspiracy that we will soon unmask.

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