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Say goodbye to double chin and wrinkles with facial yoga

Here’s how: Place your palm on the right side of your forehead. Gently press or press on your forehead as you slowly move your hand to the left and back to the right again. Start with one print per. second, and then gradually make printers longer so that you get up to 10 seconds. Do this exercise for a total of

Tip: Use this exercise to also practice keeping your forehead still while flushing your eyes. It’s a great way to avoid mimicry.

Prevents and reduces drooping eyelids

How to do it:  Place your index fingers under the eyebrows. Slowly close your eyes and keep them closed for 10 seconds. Repeat twice more. You should feel a shiver in the upper part of your eyelids. Lift your fingers away from the eyebrows and place all your fingertips in the center of the forehead. Gently pull the fingers of each hand apart toward your temples, then lift them away. Keep your eyes wide open without raising your eyebrows. Repeat for 30 seconds. Learn more about face yoga

Tip:  Since this exercise can make you raise your eyebrows, it should be followed by forehead massage to ensure that the forehead muscles are relaxed after the exercise.

Bends and reduces double chin

Here’s how:  Tie your hand and place it under your chin while pushing up slightly. Open and close your mouth 30 times in total. Keep pushing slightly upwards.

Tip:  If it feels more comfortable, you can rest your elbow on a table.

Prevents and reduces bags under the eyes

How to do it:  Place your index fingers just below the outer edge of the eyebrows, then gently pull your fingers down under the eyes and pause for 10 seconds at the corner of the eye while pressing this acupressure point. Continue in a circle down under the eye and back to this acupressure point again, pausing here for 10 seconds each time. Continue this massage for 1 minute.

Tip:  It is important to press only lightly and gently. It is more effective for lymph drainage and at the same time ensures that you do not damage the thin skin under the eye. Do not pull on the skin.

5. Face lift with your hands

Counteracts fatigue

Here’s how: Start by holding your hands on your neck for 20 seconds. Let the heat from your hands relax the muscles of your neck and breathe deeply through your nose while visualizing how fatigue dissolves. Next, stroke your cheeks and palms up your cheeks for 20 seconds. Now do the same in the forehead, stroke upwards with your hands for 20 seconds. Do not pull on the skin.

Effect:  This exercise will give you a feeling of freshness and energy. It also creates better blood circulation in the face and makes the skin look less tired.

Tip:  The exercise works really well when you have just applied moisturizer, serum or oil because it helps the skin to absorb the product.

Facial yoga is a guide on how to apply facial yoga in your everyday life, whether you have 50 or 5 minutes available. In the book you will find facial yoga’s suggestions on how to solve 17 general conditions. It also includes chapters that focus on the specific areas of the face.

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