Scan any QR to pay using Airtel Thanks and earn Rs. 30 cashback!

Online payments, thanks to the launch of UPI apps in India, are being used for even the smallest of transactions. Scanning a QR code has become one of the most preferred UPI payment methods. The user can simply scan a QR code put out by the merchant, and he/she is redirected to the payment page, sometimes with the payment amount already fed in, for an instant online transaction. You just need to authenticate the transaction with your unique UPI pin. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s convenient. 

Airtel online UPI payments are one of the most secure ways to conduct online transactions. Additionally, it can earn you cashback and discounts. We will talk about this further in the article. You can use the Airtel Thanks app to pay online either by using a mobile number or by scanning a QR code. In this article, we will talk about how scanning a QR code initiates payments and how you can use the feature in the Thanks app. Keep reading to know more. 

How does the ‘scan QR code’ payment work?

Scan QR code payment involves using the smartphone’s camera to scan a Quick Response (QR) code, which contains payment information such as the recipient’s details and payment amount. Once the QR code is scanned, the payment app or mobile banking app decodes the information and facilitates the transaction.

Here’s how scan QR code payment typically works in the Airtel Thanks app:

  1. The recipient (merchant, individual, or organization) generates a QR code containing the payment details. This QR code is often displayed at the point of sale or provided on invoices, bills, or websites.
  2. The payer (customer or individual making the payment) opens a payment app on their smartphone, such as Airtel Thanks. 
  3. Within the Thanks app, the payer selects the option to scan a QR code. The option to scan the QR code is available on the pay section.
  4. The payer’s smartphone camera is activated, and they position it to focus on the QR code displayed by the recipient. 
  5. The Thanks app scans the QR code right away and display payment related information of the app screen.
  6. The payer reviews the payment details displayed on the app screen, such as the recipient’s name, payment amount, and any additional information.
  7. If the details are accurate, the payer proceeds to authorize the payment using the designated payment method. Using the Airtel UPI in the Airtel Thanks app can earn you cashback. You can also use other modes of payments available in the Thanks app. 
  8. Once the payment is authorized, the payer receives a confirmation of the successful transaction on the Thanks app screen and the recipient receives the funds. 

How to use the ‘scan QR code’ feature in the Airtel Thanks app?

Follow the below steps:

  • Head to the Pay section of the Airtel Thanks app.
  • Here, you will see a button named ‘Scan Any QR’. Tap on it.
  • Position your camera properly to detect the QR code.
  • Once the payment details are recognized, verify them and enter your UPI Pin to authenticate the transaction.
  • You will receive a confirmation message once the transaction is successful.


You can earn flat Rs. 30 cashback on your first 3 transactions each made using Airtel UPI for a minimum transaction value of Rs. 50. The cashback is credited post a successful transaction. 

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