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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How to Get Started with It

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process that aids a website to rank higher on a search result page. Yes, people do have the option to opt for paid advertisements, but SEO differs from it. The results it yields are all “organic” which means that you do not have to spend any money to possess that result rank. It aims at optimizing online content so that search engines like Google flashes it on the top of the search result page. To understand how you can rank your web page higher, you must be aware of the process and how you can gain the maximum benefit.

Keyword research 

First, you would require doing keyword research. You have to select specific keywords you want your website to rank for. For small-scale businesses, you will typically aim long-tail keywords, and your focus will be to maintain medium to low keywords. 

Once you have decided on the keywords, it’s time to start creating content based on the selected topics. You can also try to optimize the content that your webpage already has. To increase your traffic, you can publish your content with the keyword in the title of the post, in the introductory section, in Meta descriptions, and tags. You can use synonyms or related keywords. It helps the search engine to know what your post is about. 

Adding internal links to your posts helps Google find more of your related pages. It aids them in ranking higher in searches. 

Posting quality content

The next thing to keep in mind for search engine optimization is to post quality content. Google users are happy with search results that cater to their search instantly and relevantly. It always tries to give its users the best experience. And it does so by analyzing and bringing forth the best of the content available in the web world. Numerous elements are needed to make high-quality content. But a few crucial ones are as follows.

  • Include relevant content that will resolve the query.
  • Google aims to understand the intent behind a search. Using appropriate keywords while creating content will help people to get their answers. Google will come to know that you are providing the right answer to the query, and thus, you will rank higher in the searches.
  • Keep the content up-to-date.
  • Try to keep it precise and to the point.
  • Include all the elements to satisfy the users from every aspect. 

Concentrate on link-building strategies

Links are no doubt one of the most significant ranking factors. While using links for your page, try to –

  • Use quality link
  • Use anchor text
  • Use more than one link (if needed). The number of total links in a post also matters for SEO.

Reviewing the technical SEO elements

You have to review the technical SEO element from time to time. You have to track your page speed and redirects regularly. Having a slow-performing website and broken links will not rank your website high on search engines. Other technical elements that you need to review are our site architecture, site map, page responsiveness to the devices used to browse, etc. 

Tracking and measuring the results

Though organic results need time to build up, you must start tracking and measuring the results once you have started SEO. Some of the determining factors are organic traffic, keyword rankings, and users’ engagement with your page, the most-visited pages, the click-through rate, and the channels directing traffic to your page.


The concept of SEO might seem confusing for you in the beginning. But once you start using it, it becomes easier. 

Murtaza Ali

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