Technology Review: How Good is for Domain Registration & WordPress Blog Hosting?

In this review, we’ll discuss (in detail) how good is it for domain registration & WordPress blog hosting?

Do note that I’ve personally used the company for quite some time now. This review isn’t just based on what the  company “claims” to offer, rather, it also includes my personal experiences.

For better understanding, I’m dividing this review into two major parts. The domain registration, and the hosting review. 

Let’s dive in then? 

How good is for domain registration? 

Let’s divide the domain registration review into 4 parts for an even simpler understanding? 

  • Ease of domain registration
  • Availability of domain extensions
  • Initial and renewal costs  
  • Domain management UI 

Ease of domain registration 

Let’s say you’ve never before purchased a domain ever in your life before. Can you do that easily on

Well, the process is pretty simple. 

You can find a good domain name using the domain name checker which is a inbuild domain search function. 

There’s a very clear “Register domain” button inside your dashboard. From there, you simply search for your domain > add it to cart and pay for it.

In other words, yes, the process is extremely easy, and has absolutely no learning curve.

Verdict: 5/5 for ease of domain registration. Extremely beginner-friendly. 

Availability of domain extensions 

This one’s pretty basic.

Which domain extensions can you register using 

So, on, you can register:

  • .com
  • .io
  • .website
  • .dev
  • .app
  • .online
  • .nl
  • .co
  • .net
  • .blog
  • .tech
  • .org
  • .in
  • .ca
  • .it
  • .ae
  • .nl
  • And a few others.

That’s a pretty impressive list, isn’t it;

However, this doesn’t mean it sells “all” extensions. A few newer extensions such as .party, .me, and a few others aren’t available.

Verdict: Practically speaking, the most important TLDs are all available. Those which aren’t available are seldom used, and only in very specific scenarios. So, I’d rate its TLD availability a 4/5.

 Initial and renewal costs 

A major difference between and most other domain registrars? charges you exactly the same amount for your first, and next-year renewals.

Most other registrars offer you a lower first-year price, and a much higher renewal price the next year.

Verdict: The first-year prices are higher but it’s consistent, honest and transparent about its renewal prices so overall I’d rate it a 3.5/5.

Domain management UI

A hard/confusing UI isn’t desirable, by anyone. Regardless of our skill-level, we all appreciate something that’s easy to understand and work with, don’t we?

Here is the domain management control panel that we get with

It has very few, and clear buttons at the top. All the important domain information is right there on this screen.

Verdict: Very easy control panel, definitely a 5/5. review: How good is it for WordPress blog hosting?

Let’s talk a bit about the hosting side of things then?

PBN/WordPress and Multiple IP class Hosting primarily started out as a PBN hosting web application initially and now offers WordPress Blog hosting services.

It has these multiple IP address hosting plans that will offer you:

  • Unique IP Addresses 
  • Multiple classes of IPs for each PBN.
  • IP addresses from multiple locations.

These features make it one of the best PBN hosts out there. Your PBNs are undetectable, not linked to each other and hence don’t get penalized.

If you’d like a higher class of PBNs, you can use its A-class IP hosting as a well as multiple IP hosting which consists of A, B and C Class IP addresses for each hosting account. I personally do not use these for PBNs (as these are more expensive) and simply use them for my most primary WordPress sites.

These IP addresses too are unique and all belong to the A, B and C-class. This gives me better e-mail deliverability, less spam score and it all adds up to better SEO, conversions and what not.

And finally, you can always opt for the WordPress hosting servers. These will let you create WordPress blogs. 

Point being, you can build almost everything with

Verdict: Easy, clearly distinguished servers for different server-types. 5/5 for the diversity and variety. 

SeekaHost Control Panel review 

Alike the domain control panel, the WordPress management too is just as easy.  You don’t get the more common cPanel, rather you get SeekaHost’s own custom control panel. 

This is me managing my 4 A-class SEO blogs from the same screen. 

You can export this data as a .csv or a .pdf file. Even filters based on SSL status/ online-offline status etc. are available. 

If I go to any of these blogs’ control panel, this is what I get:

At the centre is the informative panel. It gives me my nameservers, blog IP, login URL etc.

 Then, I can use the options on the right to access the different features/sections that gives me.

There’s not much else you can, or need to play with, do you? This keeps things simple, to-the-point and easy.

Verdict: The Control panel definitely deserves a 5/5 rating.

WordPress installation 

The point of this piece is to discuss how good/bad it is for “WordPress blog hosting”, isn’t it?

Well, the fact is lets you host only WordPress blogs.

You can go with any of its server-types. You’ll get a “Create  a new blog” option. This will let you create a WordPress blog. 

That button would take you to the WordPress installation page.

Now, you only “need” to enter your domain and blog title. Once you click on the “Add Blog” button (marked with the yellow bubble), your blog is created instantly.

However, you can  also customize the installation If you click on the “WordPress Settings” (marked with the red bubble).

The “WordPress Settings” button would let you change the default theme, and install dozens of plugins automatically.

Verdict: Extremely easy, almost 1-click installation and the ability to customize earn it a 5/5 rating here.

Server Quality 

All the bling and glitter is fine, however, it all boils down to the actual quality of the server, doesn’t it?

So, here’s a ping test from one of my blog homepages (primary site, hundreds of articles and graphics) I’ve got hosted on

It’s impressive, isn’t it? Anything below 2 seconds is impressive not just to me, but also to Google and my visitors.

Similarly, here’s the server response time that I’m getting. Anything below 180ms for the server speed is what I’m looking for, and what I get:

Verdict: The server has never been down for me across any of my blogs, ever. The speed me and my visitors are get are more than impressive. 5/5 here.

One-click & free SSL certificates, backups

After the actual WordPress installation, a bit of back-end details need attention, don’t they?

Well, provides you 100% free daily backups, as well as SSL certificates. 

From your WordPress control panel, you can easily enable both of these features within seconds in a singe-click.

Verdict: No reason to not rate it 5/5, is there? 

Free migrations & amazing support also migrates your website for free.

However, this one isn’t automated. You need to request migration from the support team. 

That brings me to another impressive feature, their support team. provides a fast and responsive support via tickets.

Unfortunately, live-chat isn’t available.

Verdict: I’d rate it 5/5 for the free migration, but 3/5 for its support as there’s no live-chat. review: Pricing plans has dozens of plans. Each server type (PBN/WP/A-class) has its own server plans.

WordPress plans start at $1.49/month.  PBN blogs start at $1.35/month. A-class IP blogs start at $4.00/month.

The plans will only go down from these prices as you purchase plans with more domains.

Verdict: The pricing is probably the cheapest you’ve ever seen, isn’t it? Totally a 5/5.

Free trial for 7days 

Before you buy any of its plans, offers you a 7-day free trial.

Whatever payment mode you’ve listed is only charged after the 7-days are over.

Verdict: You get a fully-featured server, in fact, multiple servers (you can use the trial with every single server-type on the same account) absolutely free for 7 days. I’d happily rate this 6/5 but just to be “correct” let’s say 5/5 without doubt. Review: How Good is for Domain Registration & WordPress Blog Hosting?

So, let’s sum up everything we’ve discussed so far?

The Good:

  • 7-day free trial
  • 3 server types for different purposes
  • Free migration + SSL + backups
  • Very easy control panel for both domains and WordPress servers.
  • One-click WordPress installations.
  • Advanced WP Customization 
  • Impressive uptime/speed. 

The bad:

  • No live-chat. 
  • No cPanel.

A simple glance at the list-length tells you quite the story, doesn’t it? Sure, there’s room for improvement but I’m sure when talking about a “WordPress host”, does more to make you smile, than disappoint.

Final verdict: is an overall 4.5/5 domain and WordPress hosting provider.

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