Selecting Waterproof Pergola Covers -Some Important Considerations

Pergolas will add a lot of entertainment value to your outdoor space, but unlike a porch or patio, it may not do much in terms of keeping you safe from rain and other environmental elements. So, if you are looking for some options to cover the pergola, it is ideal for installing a good waterproof cover on it. You can think of either permanent or temporary coverages based on the seasons. There are various materials used to make your pergola waterproof with different covering approaches, which we will discuss here.

Canvas covers

Canvas is one of the most expensive and flexible choices to make for pergola covers. Canvas is traditionally used as tent material, and when treated to make it waterproof, it can repel water. The most expensive part about canvas covers is installing the retractable system, which will allow you to slide the canvas over the pergola. So, you can keep your pergola open itself, and whenever there is a need for covering it during the rain, you can roll on the canvas.


This is another high-end option for which you need to consult a contractor. In order to install a good set of louvers on your pergola, you have to make it either using fiberglass wood or heavy-duty plastic. Louvers can be installed as flaps over the cross beams of the pergola and make it possible to position them up from the sides into space by blocking rain. Louvre is an ideal option to consider if you want to install waterproof pergola covers.

Corrugated fibreglass

This is another easy option that you can try out by yourself on top of your pergola. Installing corrugated fiberglass roofing panels on the horizontal beams on top of the structure can protect your open space under the pergola from rain and heat. It will also let enough light pass through it and keep the space shiny. There is one downside to this option as it is going to be quite a hassle to put on and remove them from time to time.

Tarp covers

If you are planning to cover your pergola temporally during the rainy season, then the best option to consider is tarp covers. It is a very e cost-effective option, and you may take the trap down to the corners of the beams and secure it to the beams of the pergola. However, this may not be a long-lasting option. It may last for one season or two if there are no heavy storms or so.

There are many other options, too, for permanently or temporarily covering your pergola during the rainy season in order to avoid rainwater getting in. Retractable and nonretractable covers are available in various designs and styles to consider. If you can spend some more money for this purpose, try to make it as durable and strong as possible with fiberglass so that it will last for long and give you a better return on investment.

You can also look for ideas online, based on which you can try some DIY ideas too for waterproof covers.

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