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Selection of analogs for general-purpose amplifiers

An important component of electronic boards is an operational amplifier. This component is included in the integrated circuit. To repair or assemble a new board, engineers are often forced to look for analogs of operational amplifiers, since the desired brand is not available in stock or this model has been discontinued altogether. Previously, manual searches could take hours or even days. The problem was that brands gave different names to parts with the same technical parameters. Thus, it was necessary to first study the catalogs of several manufacturers, then compare the characteristics. But the search did not end there. The next step was to manually check the availability and cost of each selected model from different sellers.

Automatic Cross-References with SourcingBot

Working with cross-references tools manually is very time-consuming and may not work. The SourcingBot service speeds up scanning of huge directories and saves hours of searching. Moreover, the program can handle complex queries. The fact is that many manufacturers give different names to exactly the same models. For example, the LMV321M5 and SOT-23-5 operational amplifiers have identical specifications.

The service is very easy to use. Go to the site and enter the model of the details you are interested in in the search field. The system will automatically offer you all analogues known on the market with prices, characteristics and manufacturer’s name. You will also see detailed information about the model whose name you entered. In addition to the full specification, opposite each part it is indicated whether it is currently in stock and in what quantity.

The system compares the details of the leading brands according to the following criteria:

• Number of contacts;

• Length;

• Width;

• Input voltage range;

• slew rate;

• Type of output;

• Current output;

• Working frequency;

• Number of chains;

• Operating temperature range.

You will receive about 50 analogs for the basic model. The service ranks them according to the degree of identity from the highest to the lowest.

Comprehensive solution for comparing information

The SourcingBot service allows you to work with any type of parts. You can find analogs for various connectors, semiconductors, or passive components. In addition to technical characteristics, the program shows the spread of prices from different suppliers, as well as the availability of goods in stock. To find out all the information about a part provided by the manufacturer, use the link or configure the appropriate APIs. Thus, you will be notified of changes in every detail that interests you. You can also see the results of the latest laboratory tests.

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