Sending Money to Iraq – Invest in the Iraqi Dinar

Henric Fjongen

The award-winning author and Iraq war planner Henric Fjongen have transformed the reader’s view of what is required to succeed in the complex and dynamic Middle East. With over ten years of experience as a military intelligence analyst and consultant, he knows exactly what it takes to succeed where others have failed. Dinar Guru is The #1 Most Trusted and Guaranteed authority for everything Iraqi dinar. Also read about dinar intel.

Dinar Guru was created to give anyone interested in Iraq and all it has to offer a complete picture of the current situation. The first issue includes an introduction to the site… What is Iraq? What are the historical roots of this ancient Muslim nation? What are the current political conditions, social dynamics, and economic conditions in this post-war economy? These are the questions that have haunted us for years, yet no one seems to have a straight answer.

The second section of the magazine focuses on the R.V. market in Iraq. Henric Fjongen’s extensive research and expertise prove that the R.V. industry is alive and thriving in Iraq. He estimates that the R.V. sales in Iraq will double between 2021. Why is that so? Because people want to escape the daily grind of life and choose to live life on their terms, in a setting with more freedom. In addition to his work as a consultant helping businesses determine their growth potential, he is also an active participant in the R.V. industry, which gives him first-hand knowledge and experience.

Final section of Dinar Guru

The final section of Dinar Guru focuses on how to invest in Iraq. As a former international stock trader, he has had first-hand insight into the currency markets, one of the largest and most leveraged markets globally. As a result, Dinar Guru has valuable and insightful advice on how you can profit from the Iraqi dinar by investing in the stock market. In addition to recognizing the potential in companies based in Iraq, he gives suggestions on dealing with the currency exchange rate, which has been fluctuating in recent months.

After detailing how you can use your knowledge of Iraq’s growth to make lucrative investments, Dinar Guru offers a simple solution to investors looking to send money to Iraq. Simply purchase Iraqi dinar at any major bank in the region, and then use a local money transfer agent to receive your payment. It takes just a few hours to set up and use this solution, but it will save you thousands of dollars if you play it right. In addition to doing this, he strongly suggests that you invest in properties in areas near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which have seen a significant spike in both value and tourism over the past few months. In addition to using local banks, you could also consider investing in property outside of Iraq, like Dubai or Switzerland.

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Bottom line

The bottom line is that Dinar Guru has done all his homework on how to invest in Iraq’s currency and where to look for a good deal. Given the current turmoil in the country, he urges potential investors to act before the markets turn. Iraq’s currency is expected to rebound, but the best investments come when investors act before conditions get worse. With the information provided in this guide, now should be a great time to send money to Iraq – and invest in the dinar.

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